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    19 Times Jacob Tremblay Was The Cutest Canadian You Ever Did See

    Jacob Too-Cute.

    Jacob Tremblay is currently winning hearts, kicking butt, and taking names on the awards show circuit for his incredible performance in Room.

    And with every appearance he gives, it becomes clearer and clearer that the nine-year-old Vancouver native is ~literally~ the cutest export Canada has ever produced.

    1. Like when he showed off the finger guns on at the Room press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival.

    2. Or when his Canadian friendliness led to him and his Room co-star Brie Larson becoming the best friends who ever best friended.

    3. When he got his own Canadian profile in Cineplex Magazine.

    4. When he took his (equally adorable) sister to the Room premiere.

    5. When he brought his unfairly attractive Canadian parents to the Golden Globes.

    6. When he took the time to talk to Canadian media on the red carpet.

    7. When he apologized for being a good actor. Super Canadian of him.

    8. When he defied Canadian stereotypes by skipping the line to meet Leonardo DiCaprio.

    (But he didn't entirely defy them.)

    9. And then was even cuter than Leo on camera, because obvs.

    10. He even gives Idris Elba a run for his money, because Canada > Britain (sorry, Idris).

    11. When Jacob and Johnny Depp became bros (they even have a secret handshake) because Canada is equally as awesome as Jack Sparrow.

    12. When he was the cutest Star Wars fan ever, Canadian or otherwise.

    13. When he was polite enough to share his light saber with Oscar Isaac.

    14. And then Ellen gave him the most perfectly adorable outfit to wear to the Oscars.


    15. When he gave a perfectly Canadian speech for Room at the Critics' Choice Awards (once the microphone was lowered for him, because as I said, CUUUUUTE).

    16. When the American awards show circuit became old hat for his Canadian sensibilities.

    17. And when he still had to do homework anyway.

    18. When Jacob showed off how awesomely Canadians can dance.


    19. And when he was probably a better-dressed Canadian than you or I have ever been, or ever will be.