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19 Times Jacob Tremblay Was The Cutest Canadian You Ever Did See

Jacob Too-Cute.

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And with every appearance he gives, it becomes clearer and clearer that the nine-year-old Vancouver native is ~literally~ the cutest export Canada has ever produced.

3. When he got his own Canadian profile in Cineplex Magazine.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay / Via instagram.com

4. When he took his (equally adorable) sister to the Room premiere.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay / Via Instagram: @jacobtremblay

8. When he defied Canadian stereotypes by skipping the line to meet Leonardo DiCaprio.


9. And then was even cuter than Leo on camera, because obvs.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

11. When Jacob and Johnny Depp became bros (they even have a secret handshake) because Canada is equally as awesome as Jack Sparrow.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay / Via Instagram: @jacobtremblay

12. When he was the cutest Star Wars fan ever, Canadian or otherwise.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

14. And then Ellen gave him the most perfectly adorable outfit to wear to the Oscars.

Via isaacoscar.tumblr.com

17. And when he still had to do homework anyway.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

18. When Jacob showed off how awesomely Canadians can dance.

Via jaketremblays.tumblr.com

19. And when he was probably a better-dressed Canadian than you or I have ever been, or ever will be.

Instagram: @jacobtremblay

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