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    16 Truths For People Who Assign Personalities To Numbers And Letters

    What do you mean not everyone does this?

    1. For as long as you can remember, you’ve experienced a kind of synesthesia called ordinal linguistic personification — although you didn’t necessarily know it had a name.

    2. Basically, you think that letters and numbers have distinct personalities.

    3. You assumed everyone thought this way, but you were shocked when most other people had no idea what you were talking about.

    4. Because to you, it’s obvious that some numbers and letters are inherently male and others are female.

    5. And some don't necessarily have a gender, but they all definitely have personalities.

    6. You might even do this for days of the week, or months of year.

    7. They all have personal relationships with each other, too.

    8. Maybe some numbers are in love.

    9. Or some letters are parents to other letters.

    10. Some of them might hate each other.

    11. You can’t explain why you think of them this way; you just know it’s how they are.

    12. You were delighted when you finally found out that your experience had a name.

    13. And when you found others who also experienced it, you were so relieved to know that you weren’t alone.

    14. Although their interpretations are often very different from yours.

    15. When you try to explain ordinal linguistic personification to other people, they still don’t really get it.

    16. But ultimately, even if other people think it’s weird, you prefer your unusual way of thinking.