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    21 Ingenious Products On Amazon Canada You'll Probably Never Want To Part With

    By the transitive property, buying these ingenious products also makes y-o-u a genius — that's just science.

    1. A pack of Sugru, a moldable glue that sets overnight into silicone rubber. Fix pesky fraying cords, mend toy dinosaur knees, and even hang art on the walls, all with this handy dough.

    2. A set of miniature spatulas so you can rescue any unreachable product left in your cosmetics bottles. If getting *so* many more uses out of foundations, moisturizers, primers — anything! — doesn't make you happy dance, I don't know what will.

    3. A sleek backpack *with a charging port* so you can keep your devices full of juice while on the go. It's also waterproof and will keep alllll your electronics and papers dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

    4. A bidet that will get your booty cleaner than you ever imagined it could be. It's also more efficient and eco-friendly than using wads of paper. You'll be refusing to clean your tush with anything else ~butt~ a bidet in no time.

    5. A spring-assisted snow shovel whose two handles will really help you fling that snow when it finally starts sticking. The worst chore can finally be made a little bit better.

    6. An eyeliner stamp to make fast work of the perfect cat eye. Liner newbies and seasoned professionals can agree that this makes the process of throwing on a quick wing much easier.

    7. A windshield snow cover if you'd like to skip early-morning scraping in favour of a quicker and easier de-icing solution.

    8. A bottle-emptying valve and stand so you don't have to delicately balance your near-empty bottles upside-down, eventually causing them to crash down into your shower. Now they'll be stable and ready to dispense soapy goodness at a moment's notice.

    9. A Kindle Paperwhite with twice the storage as previous models — and it's ummmm WATERPROOF! Pencil "Kindle and a bath bomb" into your planner every night until the end of time.

    10. A pair of bedsheet fasteners for keeping your fitted sheets taught no matter how much you toss and turn.

    11. A wine stain remover, because accidents happen — especially when you use your glass of wine as a mic to sing "Born to Run" karaoke while jumping on your couch. Just a few spritzes of this and you're free to let out your inner Bruce.

    12. A dishwasher net to rescue your light plastic dishes from flying around in the dishwasher, ensuring that they get a thorough cleaning. I also like to imagine Spider-Man pitching this product on Dragon's Den.

    13. A three-tier mesh drying rack so your just-washed knits and delicates have a place to dry that isn't the one clear space of your bedroom floor.

    14. A stash of Hot Hands so your digits don't freeze off one by one just because you have to walk a few blocks in the cold.

    15. A laundry folding board that may spook you if you've worked in retail but will genuinely make folding all your unwieldy clothes *so* much easier. Uniform folding is the key to true tidiness — I learned that the hard way working at an Anthropologie for three weeks.

    16. A stainless steel rolling pin so you can always roll out your cookies to the perfect thickness — even if you're distracted by watching TV while you bake (me).

    17. A dish squeegee, because THAT'S A THING THAT EXISTS! Congratulations, you are now free from your fear of lasagna dishes.

    18. A sock-pairing device that will prevent the heartbreak of losing a sock in the wash. Learn to trust again, and rest assured that your socks will be together forever.

    19. A Drop Stop to prevent food, coins, your phone —anything! — from getting lost between your car's seat and center console. Honestly, you could probably pay for this with the amount of change you'll eventually rescue.

    20. A flat colander so you no longer have to choose between hunching over the garbage can while peeling your potatoes or grabbing potato peel stands out of your drain after trying and failing to peel them into a plastic bag in your sink. Now just peel in the sink, lift the colander, and dump those skins right in the trash.

    21. Slow cooker liners that are so simple but truly make life better. For ages, we knew that delectable slow cooking would come at the price of awful cleanup, but now...we're free of that burden. *wipes a single tear*

    Congrats on your unbelievably smart purchases!

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