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    15 Things That'll Help Make Your Apartment A Better Place To Live In

    Because you deserve to *love* your living space.

    1. A single-serve coffee maker that'll quickly prepare your morning brew without taking up too much counter space.

    2. A TEMPUR-Pedic mattress topper that I personally use to transform my cheap little mattress into a cozy cloud of comfort. It added 3 inches to my bed and has helped me sleep SO much better!

    3. And a TubShroom hair catcher to prevent future blockage. Just place it in your drain and let it catch all of your hair before it gets caught in the pipes.

    4. A fluffy white comforter, because no matter what bedroom aesthetic you're going for, this will make it feel clean and sophisticated.

    5. A three-tier hanging shower caddy that looks sleek and modern and will help you keep your grooming products organized.

    6. An Instant Pot perfect for preparing your fave meals and trying out tons of new recipes.

    7. A quirky banana wire grid you can clip postcards and pictures of your besties to.

    8. A decorative window film that'll give you some privacy and still let a little light shine into your apartment. Plus, it's removable and reusable.

    9. A five-tier corner shelf perfect for holding anything from books to picture frames to toiletries.

    10. A Ren Clean Skincare pillow mist made from a blend of essential oils that may relieve some stress and help you sleep better *and* it won't harm your skin.

    11. A fleece blanket to keep you nice and cozy while you're binge-watching movies on the couch.

    12. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers so you don't have to worry about your shoes stinking up the entire room.

    13. A pack of velvet hangers so you can fit more into your closet and not worry about all of your shirts sliding right off after you just finished putting your laundry away.

    14. A pure silk pillowcase, because it'll be a game-changer for improving breakage, tangles, and frizz. Plus, it'll look gorgeous on your bed.

    15. And a chic white stone essential oil diffuser handcrafted from porcelain that uses ultrasonic technology to help you get the most out of your favourite essential oils.

    You enjoying your newly upgraded apartment:

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