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    17 Cats Who Are Strong Believers In "If I Fits, I Sits"

    If they fit in it, they're gonna sit in it.

    1. "I definitely fit here, so I'm sitting here."

    u/want_chocolate / Via

    2. "I am certainly a five-pound loaf, so I assumed this box was for me."

    u/modian / Via

    3. "I fit in this pot, so I guess I'm for dinner."

    u/14travis / Via

    4. "This sandal is the perfect size!"

    u/bashfulbird / Via

    5. "I am not too big, I fit purrrrfectly."

    u/Bloody-August / Via

    6. "This basket was clearly made for a cat."

    u/metalupyourazz / Via

    7. "Why would this slipper be here if not for me to nap in it?"

    u/Cyzzacle1 / Via

    8. "This box was meant for me, was it not?"

    u/somerandomwhitechick / Via

    9. "This is the drawer you keep cats in."

    u/lucy_the_ewok / Via

    10. "Ah yes, the cat nap bucket."

    u/favthingtodoisread / Via

    11. "Please let me simmer for 2 to 4 hours."

    u/maredaboxer / Via

    12. "If I can't buy Park Place, I'll take up residence right here."

    u/ohnowhatt / Via

    13. "If the sink wasn't meant for me, then why do I fit in here?"

    u/Nighthawkaba14 / Via

    14. "Did this bowl get smaller since the last time I sat in here?"

    u/Alicewonka99 / Via

    15. "I couldn't find a box, so this hat will have to do."

    u/MagicAkiRoss / Via

    16. "Don't mind me, I'm just going to take a nap right here."

    u/apache0796 / Via

    17. "Even if I don't fits, I sits anyway."

    u/emile_b / Via

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