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15 Reasons Why I Could Never Work At McDonald's

"What do you mean the shake machine is broken?!"

1. First off, trying to wake up for that breakfast shift is just brutal:

2. Then there are those customers who try to be funny with weird orders.

3. Or the customers who aren't really paying attention at all.

4. Trying not to lose your voice by the end of the shift must be an exercise in futility.

5. Dealing with the thoughtful gifts customers leave behind.

6. (And sometimes those gifts are hard to find!)

7. Customers who take the broken milkshake machine as a personal insult.

8. And not finding out the machine is broken until it's too late.

9. Because when that machine is broken, it is broken.

10. Coworkers who cause a lot more work for everyone else.

11. Finding little "surprises" in the bathroom that need cleaning up.

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(Heck, you're lucky if it's only a fish.)

12. Not to mention those huge orders that come in right before closing that would drive anyone nuts.

13. Always coming home after a shift with battle scars.

14. Being too tired after work to do anything else.

15. So bless all those saintly McDonald's employees, who put up with it all and keep those delicious burgers in our lives.