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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Jun 4, 2016

    19 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained Not Wanting To Have Kids

    "I pulled the batteries out of my biological clock and put them in my dildo."

    1. On disappointment:

    2. On selfishness:

    3. On knowing yourself:

    4. On cognitive dissonance:

    5. On contraceptives:

    6. On outdated expectations:

    7. On nosiness:

    8. On sympathy:

    9. On minding your own damn business:

    10. On pets:

    11. On correcting others:

    12. On finances:

    13. On marriage:

    14. On choice:

    15. On family reunions:

    16. On getting older:

    17. On electronics:

    18. On priorities:

    19. And on parenting goals:

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