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    10 Canadian Pop Acts That Defined The Late '90s And Early '00s

    They make your heart go bang bang boom.

    1. The Moffatts


    Four cute brothers (a set of triplets and a spare) singing catchy, danceable pop songs about love they were far too young to actually understand? You might describe The Moffatts as the Canadian answer to Hanson, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong.

    Choice song: "Bang Bang Boom"

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    Some may argue that "Miss You Like Crazy" or "Girl Of My Dreams" or even "I'll Be There For You" are better songs, but give "Bang Bang Boom" a listen and allow yourself to admit that this song is still catchy as hell. Of course, part of chorus sounds a little similar to Smash Mouth's "All Star," which may be why it's so listenable.

    2. Skye Sweetnam


    For people who thought 2004 Avril Lavigne was too mature, Skye Sweetnam filled the niche of pop-punk princesses who were too young to drive.

    Choice song: "Billy S."

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    She cares so little about school that she refers to William Shakespeare as "Billy S."! That's so rebellious. Just ignore the slightly creepy lyrics of "Daddy, daddy, no, I don't want to go to school."

    3. Fefe Dobson

    Island Records

    Also often compared to Lavigne, Dobson had a bit of a harder edge to her music. It was pop-y enough to get plenty of radio play, but felt bad-ass enough that you could still wear your metallic studded belt with pride.

    Choice song: "Bye Bye Boyfriend"

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    For Canadian teens in the early '00s, there just weren't enough angry breakup anthems for girls. Props to Fefe for filling that void.

    4. Sugar Jones

    Universal Music Canada

    The first and best creation to come out of the Canadian edition of Pop Stars (yes, I know there was also Velvet Empire and Christa Borden, but honestly, who cares), Sugar Jones dominated the Canadian music charts in 2001. Sure, they disbanded fairly quickly, but what a ride.

    Choice song: "Days Like That"

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    Never mind the world-rocking revelation that this song was first sung by a British girl group—"Days Like That" clearly belongs to Sugar Jones and always will. It's been nearly a decade and a half since this song came out and it's still the bessssst.

    5. Remy Shand

    Universal Records Canada

    Why did Sugar Jones disband, you ask? Well, because of a soulful singer from Winnipeg named Remy Shand. The dude fell in love with Sugar Jones member Maiko Watson, and when she decided to join her then-husband on tour as his backup singer, the girl group was essentially finished. But you can't really blame her: The Way I Feel was a great album that deserved its Juno Award and Grammy nominations.

    Choice song: "Take A Message"

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    Is there a smoother song to jam to? Well, probably, but not in Canada, that's for sure. The video for "Take A Mesage" is so chill and features plenty of envy-inducing fashion. If anyone knows where I can buy any of Remy's knitted caps and/or Maiko's kitten T-shirt, please tell me.

    6. McMaster & James


    Two handsome men with inoffensively sweet voices singing vaguely romantic songs? Yes, please. McMaster & James were easily one of Winnipeg's best exports.

    Fun fact: The James in McMaster & James went on to compete in Season 4 of Canadian Idol and came in seventh.

    Choice song: "Thank You"

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    No, thank YOU, McMaster & James.

    7. Wave

    Warner Music Canada

    For music lovers who prefer their boy bands with overly-gelled hair and button-up shirts with questionable prints.

    Choice song: "California"

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    I mean, "California" was really their only song, but damn, it is a good one. Of course, due to Phantom Planet, this is doomed to always be the second-best song called "California," but nobody could have predicted the huge success of The O.C.

    8. Tal Bachman

    Columbia Records

    Yet another popular Canadian music star from Winnipeg. Do they put something in the water there?

    Choice song: "She's So High"

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    This song was impossible to escape for most of 1999—not that anyone wanted to escape it. Also, every '90s girl coveted the goggles of the Minnie Driver lookalike in the music video.

    9. Sky


    I'm talking about the original Sky lineup, as the duo apparently went through a few lead singers before disbanding in the mid-aughts. I'm sure those other versions were fine, but nothing can beat the Sky original recipe.

    Choice song: "Some Kind of Wonderful"

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    Oversized shirts, bleached hair, and soul patches? Could this video embody the '90s any more?

    10. b4-4


    In case you somehow don't grasp the subtle nuances of the band's name: There are three members and three comes before four. And no, you're not seeing things: two of them are twins.

    Choice song: "Get Down"

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    The most unsubtle song about oral sex ever created, "Get Down" also benefitted from a music video that is completely bonkers. Now, if only someone would explain the very profound lyrics to me...

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