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For Any Canadian Who Just Doesn't "Get" Drake

Please don't hurt me.

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1. As a proud Canadian, you know it’s your job — nay, your patriotic duty — to support all things Canadian.

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2. Which is why there is a something you’ve been afraid to admit to your fellow Canadians. A terrible, terrible truth.

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3. You just — *looks around, hunches down, leans in, and whispers* — don’t get Drake's appeal.

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4. It’s not that you hate him. You don’t! You just don’t see what the big deal is.


5. You agree that Drake is obviously adorable.

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6. And you've laughed at his totally gung-ho performances on Saturday Night Live.

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7. And if you'd met him in real life, you'd probably even want to be his friend! But for you, that's where it ends.

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8. When he released his first album, you thought, “Jimmy Brooks is a rapper now?!” And that feeling never really went away.

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9. Because his music has just never ~grabbed you~ the way it seemed to grab everyone else.

10. It seems like literally EVERY. OTHER. PERSON. loves and adores him.

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11. And when you build up the courage to admit to someone you're not a big Drake fan, they act as though you've physically wounded them.

12. So you feel like the worst Canadian in the world.

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13. You watch all your friends freak out over Drake's latest single, and you listen to it and you're like ?????

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14. You tried watching the "Hotline Bling" video a bunch of times — like, at least TWICE — hoping you'd get it, but you just felt as awkward as Drake looked.

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15. Sometimes you just pretend to be into Drake, lest your Canadian credentials get revoked. But you feel like you're playing dress-up.

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16. And you feel SO GUILTY because you totally appreciate how much positive attention Drake has brought to Canada.

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17. He’s one of the biggest rappers in the world! He helped to reinvigorate the Canadian music industry! WHAT'S SO BROKEN INSIDE OF YOU THAT YOU'RE SO AMBIVALENT ABOUT HIM?!

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18. You want to love Drake as much as everyone else does. You really, really do. But you just… don’t.

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19. Despite his success. Despite his inherent Canadianness. You just don’t care about Drake, and you probably never will.

20. And you take solace in the fact that somewhere out in the world, there are probably a few other people who feel the same way.

god is it because i'm canadian that i cannot take drake seriously like i don't even think he's that bad i just can't deal with his voice

It's OK if I don't care about Drake, right? Because I really, really don't.

I don't like Drake's music. I don't think I have ever intentionally listened to him.

21. Maybe Drake just isn't for you. And you know what? That's totally OK. Not everything has to be.

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22. Because even if you personally don't ~love~ Drake, you can still be proud that a Canadian artist is bringing so much joy to other people around the world.

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23. I mean, you're not exactly a Michael Bublé fan, either, and you're not really stressing about that, are you?

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