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    19 Times "Schitt's Creek" Was The Best Canadian Show On TV

    "A couple summers back, I tried a Merlot that used to be a Chardonnay."

    1. When they tried to honour some Schitt's Creek history... with disastrous results.

    2. When Moira and Johnny were great parents.

    3. And they knew their children very well.

    4. When Stevie pointed out that she and David come from very different backgrounds.

    5. When David and Stevie regretted one of their sexual encounters.

    6. When David explained his pansexuality with a pretty good metaphor.

    7. And when Johnny was perfectly accepting of his son.

    8. When Alexis just came out to have a good time and honestly, she's feeling so attacked right now.

    9. When Moira nailed all of our relationships to wine.

    10. When Moira gave her kids a well-deserved admonishment.

    11. When Alexis and David engaged in some sibling rivalry over who had to sleep closest to the door.

    12. When David rejected a career opportunity.

    13. When Alexis realized there was a thief on the loose.

    14. When Catherine O'Hara's pronunciation of "enchiladas" almost made Dan Levy break character.

    15. When living in Schitt's Creek really stressed David out.

    16. When David thought he was dying.

    17. When David insisted he knew how to rough it.

    18. When Johnny and Rose clearly loved each other, underneath it all.

    19. And when Moira perfectly summed up 2016 for everybody.