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Non-Canadians Try To Identify Canadian Celebrities

No, Rick Mercer has nothing to do with hip-hop.

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1. Mary Walsh (as Marg Delahunty on This Hour Has 22 Minutes)


Angelo (U.S.): That's Margaret Thatcher and she drove the communists from Canada.

Mat (Australia): This is Canada's foremost Xena impersonator. She goes by the name Lucy Flawless.

Alicia (U.K.): Is she a Viking impersonator for children's parties who found fame for being just generally hilarious and keeping the adults entertained and now she has her own TV show and is generally beloved by all?

Ema (U.S.): Cheryl Odinstien. She's the Canadian female Hugh Hefner.

Sheridan (U.S.): She is a comedian who likes to dress up as Xena the Warrior Princess and accost people on the street like Billy on the Street?

2. Brent Butt (Comedian, Corner Gas)

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Sheridan (U.S.): An older and non-British version of James Corden?

Alicia (U.K.): Old White Dude. (No clue.)

Alex (Australia): He seems like he could be the finance minister?

Karsten (Germany): He looks like somebody named Paul or Donald. I hope that he is famous for his voice or his jokes. Not for his hair.

Mat (Australia): This is Brian and he invented Canada's version of the iPhone, the "ehPhone," and instead of Siri he invented Sorry. Nailed this one tbh.

3. Arisa Cox (Big Brother Canada)

Shaw Media

Ema (U.S.): Tammy Haysworth. Livestyle coach/talk show host.

Mat (Australia): I'm going to say this is Helen St. Helens and she is fab AF and maybe some kind of philanthropist or just fab lady of leisure..

Jenna (Australia): She is a doctor who hands out useful medical advice in a tough-love fashion on a terrible reality TV show.

Karsten (Germany): Oh, hello! I don't have any idea who you are, but you definitely should be famous for your style.

Alex (Australia): That lady looks like she was a famous singer in the '90s who had like one really good ballad and now she mostly is a judge on reality TV singing shows.

4. Ananas (Téléfrançais)


Mat (Australia): This is Craig the Nightmare Demon. He is a legend among Canadian children. If you do not eat your vegetables Craig the Nightmare Demon climbs into your bedroom and rubs his coarse body over your face.

Jenna (Australia): It haunts every child's nightmares.

Alex (Australia): I hate this nightmare pineapple.

Zakiya (U.S.): Ummm a pineapple dancer on a scary kids show?

Karsten (Germany): Are you corn with a mouth and eyes? What's wrong with you, Canada? OK, we in Germany have a famous Bread named Bernd. Okay, this corn seems to be a famous opera singer.

Alicia (U.K.): This is horrifying but it's probably from a horrible ad for juice or something. Was there a jingle? Did this pineapple sing a jingle about juice? That seems most likely.



5. Gordon Pinsent (Actor)

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

Angelo (U.S.): Is that Doctor Who?

Mat (Australia): Mister Sweaters is a kindly old man who has a morning TV show where he talks ONLY about sweaters.

Karsten (Germany): Is this a retired TV chef? Or a Formula One racer?

Sheridan (U.S.): He is a classically trained actor who is in every film that needs a distinguished gentleman.

6. Rick Mercer (The Rick Mercer Report)


Sheridan (U.S.): A judge on Canadian X-Factor or Canadian Idol or something. Or he's a magician/illusionist.

Mat (Australia): This man looks like a Law & Order version of Billy Eichner.

Jenna (Australia): He is a rich businessman who is now the star of The Apprentice Canada.

Karsten (Germany): Please don't tell me that he has a anything to do with hip-hop music. Why is this conventional-looking man standing in front of this huge graffiti? I got so many questions, Canada.

Alex (Australia): This guy looks like a liberal politician trying to appear hip and cool with the kids.

Alicia (U.K.): He looks stern and is standing in front of some graffiti. Is he a journalist? A presenter of a mid-afternoon talk show about current affairs? His name is probably John.


7. Polkaroo (Polka Dot Door)


Sheridan (U.S.): Is this what Barney would have turned into if his experimentations with drugs turned into a full-on addiction?

Ema (U.S.): Zoe the psychedelic Llama. Hosts a dance/drug education show that's fun for the whole family!

Mat (Australia): This is Poop Poop the Kangaroo. She is famous in Canada because she is full of maple syrup. Her blood is delicious to Canadian children.

Karsten (Germany): What drugs do I have to take to think about a creature like this? This THING is absolutely famous for being the weirdest creature in Canada. Besides Justin Trudeau, of course.

Zakiya (U.S.): The Canadian version of Big Bird?

Alicia (U.K.): Is this a deer? A giraffe? Why is it green? That outfit is just so loud. I bet this creature teaches children about good health or crossing the road safely in some kind of educational TV show.

Jenna (Australia): Nope. Fuck this nightmare.

8. George Stroumboulopoulos (Hockey Night In Canada, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight)

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Sheridan (U.S.): He's definitely a radio host or something.

Ema (U.S.): Was the star of the biopic of famous Canadian country rebel, Michael Bublé. Went off the deep end for a while, but now he's back.

Jenna (Australia): He is in Canada's longest running soap, Keeping up with the Maples.

Karsten (Germany): Please let him be a famous rockstar. I could not think of him as anything else.


9. Paul Gross (Actor)

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Alex (Australia): Lucius Malfoy.

Angelo (U.S.): That's Legolas, of the woodland realm.

Karsten (Germany): A magician?

Mat (Australia): Prince Sebastian, royal ambassador to Quebec.

Alicia (U.K.): This man is owning that hair cut/black suit/black bow tie look and I admire him for it. Still have no idea who he is. Retired pro-athlete?

Jenna (Australia): He's that one guy who had been in everything. Literally everything.

10. Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod (Body Break)


Sheridan (U.S.): They used to be professional gymnasts but now coach other Olympic hopefuls.

Mat (Australia): This is Pam and Randy, they invented a very specific kind of pilates that revolutionized very specific kinds of pilates.

Karsten (Germany): OMG. I got so many questions again, Canada. Who thinks that a yellow T-shirt is a good idea with a white/blue jacket? And why do they look like were just stuck in the '90s? Are they famous for being a satire version of the '90s?

Alicia (U.K.): Is this like a cute Canadian version of Baywatch? Are they characters in Canadian Baywatch? They look so happy. I'd let them save me from a riptide.

Zakiya (U.S.): They do fitness videos... Maybe?

11. Lunette (The Big Comfy Couch)


Mat (Australia): These are Canada's Olsen Twins: Mary-Beth and Ashlynne. They are identical twins. No one can tell them apart.

Jenna (Australia): She's obviously prime minister.

Alex (Australia): Before we deal with anything else, why is the hair growing out of her hat? Is she a doll who got cursed into life by a witch?

Sheridan (U.S.): She looks familiar. Wasn't she on American TV as well? Like a female version of Blue's Clues?

Zakiya (U.S.): Oh, I know her, I think. She's on some kid's show. Was it The Big Couch? I don't know. She looks familiar, though.

12. Jacob Hoggard (Hedley)

Sonia Recchia / Getty Images

Mat (Australia): This man is famous because he is Canada's most talented violinist. He is so talented that this photo shows him playing the world's tiniest violin. So talented.

Alex (Australia): Canadian Dracula.

Alicia (U.K.): This man must be a politician. Or he is good at looking like a politician. It's the authoritative hand gesture. His name is Lewis and he is a conservative.

Karsten (Germany): He's from the bad side. He truly looks like a right-wing politician. The eyebrows - he is the finance minister?


13. Peter Mansbridge (The National)


Sheridan (U.S.):: The old Prime Minister.

Angelo (U.S.): That's the guy from Shark Tank.

Zakiya (U.S.): Someone in government.

Alex (Australia): The head of the Canadian Bank? Someone's rich but distant grandfather?

Alicia (U.K.): I feel like this guy might be a mayor of a big city. Maybe Vancouver.

14. Ben Mulroney (eTalk)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Mat (Australia): This is Canada's version of the Hemsworth brothers, but there's only one of him. In a weird coincidence his name is ChrisLukeLiam.

Jenna (Australia): BAE.

Alex (Australia): An actor of some description. He looks like he would have a French accent.

Alicia (U.K.): TV host or actor. His hair is too perfect for anything else.

15. Rick Campanelli and Cheryl Hickey (ET Canada)

Malcolm Taylor / Getty Images

Karsten (Germany): She is a sports star. Tennis, or Golf. And he is a soccer player?

Alex (Australia): Two Olympic snowboarders who are in a relationship?

Alicia (U.K.): This is Canada's most beloved celebrity power couple. They met while on the set of [insert TV show/movie] and fell madly in love. Despite the pressures of fame they have managed to negotiate their busy schedules and held together a solid marriage. They have two kids. Georgie and Dylan (both girls) and a dog called Spud.

16. Jonathan Torrens (Trailer Park Boys, Jonovision, Street Cents)


Angelo (U.S.): J-Roc!

Mat (Australia): This is Canada's First Son: Smiley McNiceGuy. He is smiley and nice, and people love him and his smiley nice face.

Jenna (Australia): He's a news anchor.

Alex (Australia): The first man to use green screen in Canada.

17. Ron James (Comedian)

Ron James

Sheridan (U.S.): Canadian Mr. Bean?

Mat (Australia): I am guessing this man is like the host of a Daily Show or something like that. Or he's addicted to cuddling and that's a very serious condition.

Alex (Australia): MARTIN SHORT!