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    15 Movies You Love That Have Some Fucked-Up Messages

    The parents from The Parent Trap are monsters.

    1. The Little Mermaid: Ariel is a literal child

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    Ariel leaves behind her entire life to marry a guy she's literally never spoken to after knowing him for three days. Oh yeah, and she's only 16 frickin' years old, because we all know 16-year-olds never make bad decisions.

    2. Wayne's World: Benjamin isn't a bad guy

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    Is Benjamin skeezy? Sure. But he invested a lot of his time, effort, and money to put Wayne's World on the air, and the only thing he asked was for Wayne and Garth to not insult the sponsor on the air. It makes COMPLETE SENSE that Wayne would get fired for disobeying him.

    3. The Parent Trap: Those parents are monsters

    Walt Disney Pictures

    These fucking people. They decided to split up their twins and raise them separately for their ENTIRE LIVES, and were never going to tell either of them that they had a twin, just because the parents had a nasty breakup. If Hallie and Annie hadn't ended up at the same camp, they NEVER would have found out! Awful, awful people.

    4. Babe: Babe cheated in the shepherding competition


    Babe might be an adorable pig, but when the sheep told him the secret password that makes all sheep obey his commands, he was in possession of inside information that was not provided to any of the other contestants. That information was directly responsible for Babe's victory. Oh, and those rough shepherding dogs that everyone was so mad at? They're simply a product of their childhoods; they were never taught that there was an alternative.

    5. Sleepless in Seattle: Sam and Annie don't know anything about each other


    These two don't even really meet until the final moments of the movie. Before that, Annie only heard Sam's voice on the radio and thought that was reason enough to 1) stalk him at his home across the country from her, and 2) dump her perfectly nice fiancé on Valentine's Day. That's BANANAS.

    6. Fight Club: What the hell are these guys so upset about in the first place?

    20th Century Fox

    Fight Club follows a bunch of white, affluent men who are angry that they have steady jobs with decent incomes. Oh noooo, they have so much money left over after paying all their bills!

    7. Mrs. Doubtfire: Daniel deserved to lose custody of his kids

    20th Century Fox

    After losing custody due flagrant child neglect and endangerment, Daniel does not choose to turn his life around and become a better person to prove to the judge that the ruling should be overturned. No, he chooses to circumvent the courts and defraud his family by pretending to be a female nanny instead. Someone that irrational and irresponsible of course should not have unsupervised custody of his kids.

    8. The Matrix: The Matrix doesn't actually seem that bad

    Warner Bros.

    Hey, the machines won the war against the humans; they would have been completely justified in putting every last one of us into a slave labor camp. But instead of making us toil in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (that humans caused, bee-tee-dubs), they allow us to hallucinate a pretty decent world in exchange for the energy our bodies create. Why would anyone give that up to live on a dirty, cramped ship in the real world? I'll take my nice hallucinations over that any day, thank you.

    9. The Wizard of Oz: The witch just wanted her sister's shoes back


    All the Wicked Witch of the West wanted were shoes her sister was wearing when she died — you know, when Dorothy killed her. They were probably family heirlooms! Of course she'd be furious that Dorothy would take them. From her point of view, Dorothy is a thief and a murderer; no wonder the Witch sent flying monkeys to attack her.

    10. You've Got Mail: They're cheaters

    Warner Bros.

    Even aside from the whole "Tom Hanks puts Meg Ryan out of business and then she falls in love with him" insanity, let's not forget that both of these people emotionally cheated on their partners for months. And what were their partners' crimes? Tom's girlfriend was career-driven, and Meg's boyfriend, uh, liked typewriters.

    11. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Ferris is a jerk


    Ferris spends the whole day egging on his friend Cameron to stop worrying and have a good time. Then, because of Ferris's peer pressure and negligence, the day ends with him totaling Cameron's dad's car and leaving poor Cam to take the blame. It's pretty easy to have a good time when you never face the consequences of your actions, huh, Ferris?

    12. Can't Hardly Wait: Preston is obsessed with a girl he's never spoken to

    Columbia Pictures

    Preston decides on the first day of high school that he loves Amanda based solely on the fact that they're eating the same kind of Pop-Tart. That's literally the only thing he knows about her for four years before love-bombing her with his feelings in front of the entire school. That's not romantic; that's creepy as heck.

    13. Back to the Future: George McFly hires his wife's would-be rapist


    When Marty returns to the future after fixing the past, he discovers that his father hired Biff — you know, the guy who tried to rape Marty's mom at the dance — to wash his car. And, apprently, he's welcome to just enter the McFly house whenevs! Not cool, McFly family.

    14. Beauty and the Beast: Belle has Stockholm Syndrome

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Don't fall in love with your captor, Belle! RUN. RUN FAR, FAR AWAY.

    15. Rent: Of course you have to pay rent

    Columbia Pictures

    Money is exchanged for goods and services! If you're living somewhere, of course you should pay rent! Broad City said it best:

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