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    19 Infuriating Photos Of Hotels That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

    Why is the shower in the living room?!

    1. The directions of these room numbers, which work for every room except one.

    2. These elevator buttons, because who cares what floor your room is on, really?

    3. This hotel carpet that began growing mushrooms.

    4. This room number written in braille, but placed on an already bumpy surface.

    5. These curtains, which certainly will not scare the crap out of hotel guests.

    6. The placement of this sofabed in front of the hotel television.

    7. And the placement of this sofabed next to the regular bed.

    8. These lights and this mirror, neither of which are centered above the sink.

    9. This hotel mirror with a divider at exactly the wrong height.

    10. This very conveniently placed toilet.

    11. And the installation of these pipes that will ensure your trips to the toilet are never comfortable.

    12. This hotel faucet that doesn't quite reach the sink.

    13. This hotel sink that protrudes into the shower.

    14. This hotel that put the shower right in the living room.

    15. This hotel bathroom soap dispenser placed right above the toilet paper, so you're almost guaranteed to get some soap on your toilet paper.

    16. The hotel bathroom that provided this... art (?) for its patrons to look at.

    17. This hotel that provides a theoretically motivational poster that's impossible to read.

    18. This flat-screen hotel television that you'd have to squint to see.

    19. And the hotel that set this as their Wi-Fi password.