This Canadian Dog Has Better Fashion Sense Than You Ever Will

    All hail Iggy Joey.

    Meet Iggy Joey.

    Dog. Canadian. Fashion and lifestyle guru.

    An Italian Greyhound, Iggy Joey first joined Instagram as just a normal dog, but has now gained 25,000 followers after her owner began posting photos of her in homemade sweaters.

    The nearly-two-year-old canine wears the hell out of a string of pearls.

    Because of Iggy Joey's unusual body shape, almost all of Iggy Joey's wardrobe is custom-made (lucky dog!).

    She's even stylish in her sleep!

    Moody is originally from Australia (hence the "Joey" part of "Iggy Joey"), but moved to Toronto in 2011 and adopted her canine fashionista a few years later.

    But just a few weeks after adopting Iggy Joey, Moody made a horrifying discovery: The breeder she used had been running a puppy mill. "Obviously, I was shocked, angry, and devastated," she said.

    "I don't regret Joey coming into my life whatsoever. I just hope that by sharing this, it will help other people to do the right amount of research when getting a pet."

    Luckily, Iggy Joey is happy and healthy, and she loves her life as an up-and-coming style star. Here she is strutting her stuff at a pet fashion show in Toronto:

    Would Iggy Joey have advice for any aspiring fashion icons (dog or otherwise)? "Believe in yourself and always exude confidence."

    “You don’t always have to obey the rules… Unless there is a treat involved.”