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    13 Of Our Favourite Meals That HelloFresh Will Deliver Right To Your Door

    And right now you can get up to $150 off, including free shipping!

    If you're always stumped about what to cook or just want some great new meal options, HelloFresh is the perfect option for great dinners.

    You just choose your desired meal plan, and each week HelloFresh will send you step-by-step recipes, along with all the pre-measured ingredients you'll need to assemble them. And it's all delivered right to your door!

    But what kind of meals can you expect from HelloFresh? Here are just some of our faves:

    1. HelloFresh's Salisbury steak meatballs mouth-wateringly good, and they're only made better by the veggies and smashed potatoes that come with it.

    Salisbury steak potatoes with mushrooms and peas in gravy and smashed potatoes

    2. The steak spiced burgers from HelloFresh are juicy and oh-so-tasty — and they're made even better by the disco fries that you cover with gravy and mozzarella cheese!

    A hamburger with fries that are covered with gravy and mozzarella

    3. Or if you're vegetarian, HelloFresh's Montreal spiced portobello burger is also an absolute delight, especially with the sweet potato wedges on the side.

    The portobello burger with sweet potato wedges

    4. HelloFresh also provides carb smart options, like their incredible Tuscan sheet pan chicken that comes with chickpeas and plenty of veggies.

    Tuscan sheet pan chicken with chickpeas and veggies

    5. The beef and corn chimichanga is to die for, and HelloFresh lets you cover it in queso (yum).

    The beef and corn chimichanga covered in queso with a side salad

    6. HelloFresh's lemon chicken comes with roasted veggies and couscous, which you then sprinkle with feta cheese, and the whole thing is just *chef's kiss*.

    Lemon chicken with roasted vegetables and couscous and feta

    7. Not only is HelloFresh's maple shrimp and chilli bacon dish totally yummy, but it only takes 20 minutes to make! A good thing, too, because we wouldn't have wanted to wait much longer to eat it.

    Maple shrimp and chili bacon

    8. The Mexican spiced veggie bowl from HelloFresh is topped with Beyond Meat and citrusy lime crema, resulting in a delectable vegetarian dish.

    The Mexican spiced veggie bowl with rice, beyond meat, veggies, and crema

    9. You won't want to miss out on HelloFresh's tomato garlic beef spaghetti, which combines the comfort of pasta with the tastiness of zucchini and sweet peppers.

    Tomato garlic beef spaghetti with zucchini and sweet peppers

    10. You'll want to savour HelloFresh's North African spiced freekah, but frankly, you'll have a hard time not scarfing down this tasty veggie salad with roasted squash and harissa onions.

    North African spiced freekeh

    11. Don't sleep on the Italian-spiced salmon from HelloFresh, which is only enhanced by the added chickpeas, arugula, and capers.

    Italian spiced salmon with arugula salad, chickpeas, tomatoes, and capers

    12. HelloFresh even offers pork tacos, complete with avocado, pico de gallo, and spring mix, making a super kid-friendly meal that neither you nor your littles won't be able to resist.

    Ground pork tacos

    13. And the deep dish pizza from HelloFresh is packed with cremini mushrooms and mozzarella, making it ~deeply~ satisfying.

    The mushroom and mozza deep dish pizza with arugula salad

    So if you want to transform your dinners into something way more delicious, go sign up for HelloFresh right now — and don't forget to get up to $150 off (including free shipping) with the promo code BZBWNY.