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    6 Ways HelloFresh Will Make You Actually Excited To Cook Dinner Again

    And right now you can get up to $150 off, including free shipping!

    If your wallet is getting tired of takeout, or if you can't bear the thought of grocery shopping, HelloFresh is the perfect option to make you excited about dinner again.

    1. If you hate spending a ton of time cooking, HelloFresh offers at least two 20-minute meals every week, including this spicy harissa and apricot chicken tenders dish. You'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the food.

    The spicy harissa chicken tenders meal

    2. If you've got a lot of mouths to feed (who all have different preferences), HelloFresh offers family-friendly meals that everyone will love. And they offer at least five family-friendly recipes each week, like these roasted barramundi tacos.

    A plate of the tacos

    3. HelloFresh also offers a ton of meatless options that'll have you drooling, including creamy squash ravioli with mushrooms and spinach.

    The squash ravioli

    4. HelloFresh even suits a carb-smart diet, including delicious meals with less than 50g of crabs — like the sesame ground pork bowl.

    The sesame ground pork bowl

    5. All of the ingredients for every HelloFresh meal come fresh and pre-measured, so you'll have exactly what you need to make your amazing dinner, without any of it going to waste.

    A couple using the pre-measured ingredients to make their HelloFresh meal

    6. And, most importantly, HelloFresh is the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company. Their food boxes are made of recycled fibres, and the box and the meal kit bags are all recyclable or compostable.

    The sustainable packaging of the HelloFresh meal kits

    So if you're looking to shake up your dinnertime with easy, delicious, sustainable meals, why not give HelloFresh a shot?

    And don't forget to use the promo code BZBWNY to get up to $150 off, including free shipping!