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Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Dogs

"While my friend and I were out ice fishing, his dog broke out of his house and got herself a job."

1. On hugs:

2. On injuries:

3. On footwear:

4. On bedtime:

5. On forgetfulness:

6. On flowers:

7. On motivation:

8. On apparel:

9. On individuality:

10. On expectations:

11. On rivalries:

12. On camouflage:

13. On greetings:

14. On sharing:

15. On espionage:

16. On antagonizing:

17. On the ocean:

18. On needs:

19. On first impressions:

20. On magic:

21. On sticks:

22. On coincidences:

23. And on similarities:

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