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23 Times Hannah Simone Was Absolutely Flawless On Instagram

The Canadian New Girl star is perfection.

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1. When she perfected the art of the wide-eyed selfie.

Seriously, Hannah's eyes take up, like, 50% of her face.

2. When she did story time for the children at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

3. When she wasn't afraid of getting her hands (er, feet) a little dirty.

All in the name of wine, of course.

4. When she understood that the most important part of wine is drinking it.

5. When she bought a Lego beach house.

And stayed up until 7 a.m. building it.

6. When she returned to her alma mater in British Columbia.

7. When she got to meet Malala.

8. When she rocked a high-waisted skirt like a boss.

9. When she created her own version of Canadian Gothic.

10. When she was really sad about Damon Wayans, Jr. leaving the cast of New Girl.

We wouldn't want him to leave, either!

11. When she and Kardinal Offishall looked super comfortable together.

12. When she ate a lion while on vacation.

Disclaimer: No lions were eaten during the taking of this photo.

13. When even her coffee wanted to copy her.

14. When she went on a water walk in India with the Free The Children charity...

...And Free the Children helped to deepen the village's well to provide more clean water, according to Simone's Instagram.

15. When she was adorable with this piglet...

19. ...AND this baby chick.

20. When she got her news and coffee fix on the train.

21. When she and Olivia Munn were the cutest cuddle buddies.

22. When she got drunk at the zoo and rode a merry-go-round.

23. Never change, Hannah.

And share your makeup secrets with us!