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    23 Great Tumblr Posts I Found This Week, So Stop What You're Doing And Read 'Em

    "It was the bestpacito of times, it was the worstpacito of times..."

    1. On triangles:

    2. On life goals:

    3. On intelligence:

    4. On lawyers:

    6. On generational divides:

    7. On clowns:

    8. On nutrition:

    9. On gender:

    10. On babies:

    12. On movie ratings:

    13. On 2019:

    14. On girls:

    treygotguap / Tumblr / Via

    15. On Captain America:

    16. On pop music:

    gobline-queen / Tumblr / Via

    17. On following instructions:

    19. On hygiene:

    20. On the perfect crime:

    21. On pranks:

    22. On assisting women:

    23. And finally, on Tumblr itself:

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