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    Mar. 24, 2017

    17 Funny Tweets That Will Make Canadians Admit That 2017 Isn't All Bad So Far

    "Canada here. Need us to burn down the White House again?"

    1. On controversy:

    People say in Canada we don't have real problems, but

    2. On conspiracies:

    America: Trump uses SNL tweets to distract from ban. Canada: Trudeau is behind Roll Up The Rim potatoes to distract from election reform.

    3. On genetics:

    If you are Canadian, Celine Dion is your legal mom.

    4. On Family Day:

    Today I'm celebrating both US President's Day & Canada Family Day by deciding to never have kids just like ya boy George Washington

    5. On graffiti:

    6. On Canadians living in the U.S. right now:

    The only reason I'm not having 500 simultaneous heart attacks is I can always move back to Canada. How are the rest of you alive.

    7. On offering help:

    8. On knowing what winter is REALLY like:

    My favourite part of La La Land was when the entire theatre laughed at the title screen that said "winter". It's -10 in Canada today.

    9. On being ridiculous:

    *Watches Americans deal with Trump* "YOU THOUGHT CANADA WAS A JOKE WELL WHO'S THE JOKE NOW-" *reads headline* "damn…

    10. On acclimating:

    Aren't you cold in just that t-shirt: the story of being a Canadian abroad

    11. On finding things:

    Me: do you know where your slippers are dear? Toddler Daughter: ummm...I think they're in Canada? So we've narrowed it down.

    12. On passive aggression:

    Sean Spicer: "Yesterday the president had an incredibly productive set of meetings and discussions with PM Joe Trud…

    13. On bragging:

    I'm not saying I'm a big deal but I just got an email from Gap Canada and it wasn't my first one this week.

    14. On prank shows:

    Only 3% of Canadian Just for Laughs: Gags bits have resulted in the assassination of a foreign dictator

    15. On dressing up:

    What's more formal than a Canadian tuxedo? Debating wearing 3 layers of denim right now

    16. On the Ides of March:

    “Tu Brute, eh?” - Canadian Julius Caesar

    17. And on standing by helplessly:

    Being Canadian right now is like watching your big brother get his license and then immediately drive the family car into a liquor store.

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