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    18 Animals Who Make Really Terrible Coworkers

    Completely unprofessional.

    1. This is very unprofessional behaviour, Shadow.

    ryanclicks / Imgur / Via

    2. What do you mean, you don't know how to use Excel?

    3. We all hate Mondays, Duke, but we have to do our work anyway.

    4. You can't just ignore your inbox, Mr. Fluffs.

    MacKelvie / Imgur / Via

    5. That's not what I meant by "business casual," Scout.

    rawrzlol / Imgur / Via

    6. No, Patches, I don't want to hear about your weekend at the cottage. I'm on the phone.

    7. Hey, it's not "Bring Your Kid To Work" day. I don't care if he's adopted.

    fawnbigcanoe / Imgur / Via

    8. I can't focus with you staring me down all day, Princess Caroline.

    miso81 / Imgur / Via

    9. I really don't appreciate you micromanaging me.

    10. What, you're gonna time how long I spend at the water fountain?

    11. I told you that you were going to regret that second martini at lunch, Boots.

    TheMightyMoggie / Imgur / Via

    12. You think you're sneaky, but we all know about your "secret" 3 p.m. naps, Rex.

    Thatmountaingirl / Imgur / Via

    13. How did you get hired? I bet you can't even fly a helicopter.

    JapCarRealGood / Imgur / Via

    14. Stop goofing off on the internet! We have TPS reports to file!

    EatFireSpring / Imgur / Via

    15. Oh, and now you're just having meetings without me? Real professional, guys.

    16. This is why I hate group projects: I end up doing all the work while everyone else just slacks off.

    17. I'm just never going to get any work done as long as you're around.

    18. But I guess that's not so bad, after all.

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