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The 22 Most Hilarious Moments From "Corner Gas"

"Pepto Bismol, the Champagne of diarrhea medicine."

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1. When Oscar was F-in annoyed.

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2. When everyone spit at the mere mention of Wullerton.

3. When the premier of Saskatchewan threw shade at Sweden.

4. When Oscar knew the right words for things.

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5. When Hank met one of Canada's greatest heroes.

6. When this license plate made you snicker like a 12-year-old.


7. When the Dog River Howler reported on the important issues.

8. When Oscar had healthy self-esteem.

9. And when he appreciated the finer things in life.

10. When Wanda appreciated the great outdoors.

11. When Wanda emphasized the importance of proper punctuation.

12. When Davis forgot what his job is.

13. When Oscar had very specific culinary preferences.

14. When Wanda wanted to learn the piano.

15. When Oscar upset the internet.

16. When the town's defense tactics weren't the best.

17. When Dog River highlighted the local tourist attractions.

18. And then tried to create an even better one.

19. When the show knew the power of celebrity.

"Is anyone here a doctor?"

"Is anyone here a doctor?"

"No, but I'm Ben Mulroney."
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"No, but I'm Ben Mulroney."

20. When Davis became concerned with political correctness.

21. When Wanda's birdbath caused a whole mess of problems.

22. And when they paid tribute to one of Canada's national treasures.