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If You're Under 16, You Won't Believe What The Internet Used To Be Like

"Get off the internet. I need the phone!"

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1. We connected to the internet using this kind of setup:

2. And we had to connect through the phone line. THIS kind of phone:

Cookie_cutter / Getty Images

3. We had to sit through this noise in order to connect:

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4. We could only use the internet OR the phone, not both at the same time:

A sentence I'll never hear again: "Beth, get off the phone I need to use the internet!"


"Get off the internet, I need to use the phone" - words we used to say

5. And that's only after we installed the internet using one of these:

SchwiftyGameOnPoint / Via

6. We surfed the internet using browsers like this:

Netscape / Via

7. And search engines like this:


8. To find websites like this:

9. That is, if the page even loaded properly:

10. Plus, we had to actually type "www" before the URL, or else it wouldn't work at all:

Srdjan111 / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @blonde_kars

11. We found directions on MapQuest, but had to print them out to take in the car:


12. We memorized our ICQ numbers so we could chat with our friends:

13. And we came up with the perfect AIM screen names (because we didn't want anyone on the internet to know who we were):

Zimbio / Via

14. But we eventually switched to MSN Messenger because it was so much better:

15. W3 4ll l34rn3d 70 7yp3 l1k3 7h15.*

*Translation: "We all learned to type like this."

*Translation: "We all learned to type like this."


16. We downloaded music on LimeWire and had to hope it wasn't really a virus:

17. And it took FOREVER:


18. Then we played the music using programs like this:

19. But we worked tirelessly to create our own webpages because we loved the internet so much:

20. Making sure to add these GIFs to the page so everyone knew it was a work in progress:

21. And no matter what else happened, the best part of our day was hearing the "You've Got Mail!" sound.

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