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    18 Cat and Dog Best Friends Napping Together

    Sweet dreams, little floofs.

    1. These dreaming buddies, who know that one human lap is more than enough room for both of them.

    2. This teeny fuzzball, who loves being the little spoon to this doggy's big spoon.

    Jeremy1618/Reddit / Via

    3. This tiny flufferton, who isn't letting her best friend's limitations stop him from enjoying a nap in the sun.

    kelldog24/Reddit / Via

    4. These couch-hoggers, who have taken a much-needed vacation to dreamland.

    5. This drowsy team, who could not care less that they're taking up your side of the bed.

    6. This slumbersome pug, who could finally doze off once his best friend was nearby.

    7. This sweet orange tabby, who doesn't know why you'd get a body pillow when you could just get a dog.

    8. This exhausted pair, who were so tired they couldn't even make it to a bed before snoozing.

    9. This sleepy kitty, who loves how warm and cuddly this bathmat is.

    10. These fatigued friends, who probably passed out after marathoning all of Stranger Things in one go.

    11. These sleepy little muffins, who are the epitome of "curling up and falling asleep."

    12. These tired-eyed BFFs, who are wondering what reason you could possibly have to interrupt nap time.

    13. This comfortable duo, who love sleeping separately but together.

    14. This conked-out couple, who have become an amorphous blob of cuteness.

    15. This relaxed kitty, who knows that sometimes the best pillow is a doggo's behind.

    16. These sneaky amigos, who are taking advantage of a warm pile of laundry to catch some Z's.

    17. This adorable team, who have figured out the ideal napping position, regardless of size.

    withrosesinhereyes/Reddit / Via

    18. And these bestest friends in the whole wide world, who can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, as long as they're together.

    HocusPenis/Imgur / Via

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