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    18 Genius Tumblr Posts That Are A Whole Damn Mood

    "I'm not lying on the floor physically, but I am lying on the floor spiritually."

    1. When you discover a song that'll be your new favorite song of all time for the next three days:

    2. When the day just starts too soon, no matter what time it is:

    3. When your brain travels back in time:

    4. When you're pretty sure there's a way you SHOULD be doing something but you just don't know what it is:

    5. When you have to mentally prepare yourself to get yelled at by the dentist:

    6. When you both care very little and care very much at the same time:

    7. When your heart breaks after the slightest criticism:

    8. When your brain is always in standby mode:

    9. When there's a very big difference between loving books and reading books:

    10. When you can never remember the stuff you want to remember:

    11. When your brain suddenly decides that you need to do the Thing:

    12. When one left turn can completely disorient you:

    13. When your mood doesn't fluctuate between extremes but just becomes a muddy puddle of both:

    14. When you've been reading the same paragraph for 20 minutes:

    15. When you finish a good book and don't know what to do with yourself:

    16. When it looks like you've got it together from the outside but the inside is a whole different story:

    17. When you realize that time is both standing still and flying right by:

    18. And when, you know, *gestures broadly at everything*:

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