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28 Times "Frasier" Was The Funniest TV Show Ever Made

"Once a woman has dipped her toe into Crane lake, dry land is never the same again."

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5. When Niles was going to get high for the first time.

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"I'm especially looking forward to something called the 'munchies' stage. I'm thinking of pairing this Chilean sea bass with and an aggressive zinfandel."

6. When Martin and Daphne pranked their neighbors.

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Daphne: "Someone followed me again last night."

Martin: "Ah, you're just being paranoid."

Daphne: "I'm telling you, they're onto me."

Martin: "Come on. Nobody could recognize you after all that plastic surgery."

Daphne: "That's what Marlena thought."

Martin: "Marlena got sloppy. She never should have gone back to Zurich."

Daphne: "I just don't want any more bloodshed."

Martin: "Relax. You're home free."

Daphne: "You don't know the Woodchuck and his ways."

[Woman on the elevator leaves, terrified. Daphne and Martin laugh.]

Daphne: Oh, we're terrible!

Martin: "We are? You are! 'The Woodchuck and his ways!'"

Daphne: "You know, we really should stop doing this. It's not nice."

Martin: "Ah, you're right. We won't do it anymore."

[A man enters the elevator.]

Daphne: "How'd you get the stuff through customs?"

Martin: "They never check the wooden leg."


19. When Niles just wanted to iron his trousers.


24. When Fraiser was trying to decipher his nightmare.

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Frasier: "I was having the most distressing dream. I was climbing up a volcano that was spewing ice instead of lava."

Daphne: "An ice volcano. Wonder what that could mean."

Frasier: "Oh, what's this?"

Lilith: [on answering machine] "Hello, it's Lilith."

Everyone: "Ohhh!"

Daphne: "There you have it."


26. Every time Eddie bothered Frasier.