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    28 Times "Frasier" Was The Funniest TV Show Ever Made

    "Once a woman has dipped her toe into Crane lake, dry land is never the same again."

    1. When Frasier expressed his love for Niles.

    2. When Niles gave Martin a grammar lesson.

    3. When Niles took a romantic risk.

    4. When Frasier made a joke and nobody was around to hear it.

    5. When Niles was going to get high for the first time.

    6. When Martin and Daphne pranked their neighbors.

    7. When Niles came to the "Dress As Your Hero" party dressed as his dad.

    8. When Niles wanted to prove a point.

    9. When Martin knew how to look on the bright side.

    10. When Niles was anxious about looking after his "flour baby."

    11. When Frasier had an irrational fear.

    12. When Roz gave Frasier some romantic advice.

    13. And when Frasier gave Roz some advice.

    14. When Niles made some real progress.

    15. When Niles and Frasier were in a bit of a pickle.

    16. When Niles opened up to Daphne.

    17. When Niles filled in for Frasier.

    18. When Roz dressed up.

    19. When Niles just wanted to iron his trousers.

    20. When Martin realized his priorities had changed.

    21. When Frasier had healthy self-esteem.

    22. When Niles didn't appreciate Frasier's accusations.

    23. When Niles and Frasier wanted to try riding bicycles.

    24. When Fraiser was trying to decipher his nightmare.

    25. When Martin refused to change the channel because he wanted to watch his favorite "game show."

    26. Every time Eddie bothered Frasier.

    27. When Frasier gave his listeners some simple — but useful — advice.

    28. And when Frasier's first wife complained about her role on a long-running TV show.