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17 Things About The U.K. That Confuse The Hell Out Of Canadians

What's the deal with Jaffa Cakes?

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3. Why does everyone have to wear uniforms to school, even to public school?

Dave Smith/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cubwolf

Disclaimer: In Canada, public schools are the same as your state schools. Over here, it generally goes like this: private or Catholic school = uniforms, public school = no uniforms. Why the blanket uniform policy in the U.K.?

4. Why don't you use dryers to dry your clothes?

Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: oatsy40

So you never get to experience the magic of putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer? What do you do if you need dry clothes in a hurry? WHAT IF IT STARTS RAINING AFTER YOU ALREADY PUT YOUR CLOTHES OUTSIDE?


5. Conversely, why are your hairdryers so insanely powerful?

Oskar and Klaus / Via

You could dry a soaking wet bison in two minutes flat with one of those things. Aren't there electrical concerns about that? Is that why your hotel hairdryers are never in the bathroom?

6. Why don't you use air conditioners?


I know, I know, it doesn't get brutally hot there very often, but what do you do when the temperature does go up really high? Just suffer through it LIKE THE CAVEMEN DID?

8. What's with your obsession with tea?

Emmaisabelle / iStock

I mean, it's no double-double from Tim Hortons, but tea's fine, I guess. But do you really take time off in the afternoon just to drink it? Are the tiny sandwiches mandatory?


9. What is the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin?

Robert Anthony / Hemera

Is there a difference? Have you been trolling us this whole time? Wait, does "trolling" have the same meaning over there?

11. Why is Stella considered a "low-class" beer in the U.K.?

Kevin Spencer/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: vek

Hey, feel free to mock whatever beer you like, but in Canada, Stella enjoys a reasonably adequate reputation. But god help us if we order a Stella in your country, huh?

12. Why isn't there any late-night food delivery?

Ljupco / iStock

What do you do when you stumble home drunk at 3 a.m. and all you want is some greasy food but the only places that are open are takeaway places and you're too tired and drunk to go back outside? WHAT THEN?!


15. How does the BBC continuously churn out such quality TV?

BBC / Via

Canadian broadcasters also make TV shows, but next to shows like Sherlock or Doctor Who, a lot of Canada's original programming looks like hot wet garbage.

16. Are there really people in the U.K. who are only famous for guesting on panel shows?

Channel 4 / Via

Please don't misunderstand — your panel shows are brilliant and we wish we had them in Canada. But is this really all they do? Were they famous before the panel show? If not, how did they get famous enough to be cast in the first place?