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    14 Terrifying Facts About Otherwise Adorable Animals

    Not all cute animals should be trusted.

    1. Meerkats are baby-killing tyrants.

    2. Dolphins torture their prey.

    3. Dachshunds can, and will, attack you if they feel threatened.

    4. Chinchillas will manipulate you and any situation for attention.

    5. Emperor penguins kidnap other penguins's babies.

    6. Platypuses will poison you.

    7. The slow loris has killer arms.

    8. Hippopotamuses are hungry-hungry for way more than marbles.

    9. Cassowaries will tear you to shreds.

    10. Polar bears are cannibals.

    11. Hamsters? Also cannibals.

    12. Wombats are living battering rams.

    13. Sugar gliders don't care about endangered species.

    14. And margays will mentally torture their prey.