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    21 Essential Kitchen Purchases You Should Probably Stop Putting Off

    Are you a kebob because I'm about to skewer you for not prioritizing these purchases.

    1. A heavy-duty, odour-free, sensor-activated (and easy-on-the-eyes) trash can you won't mind keeping out in the open. We love a multi-hyphenate!

    Stainless steel trash can

    2. A silicone safeguard if you've simply had it up to here (*points to the brim of pot*) with getting boiling pasta water all over your cook top.

    3. A wooden cutting board — props if it's colour-coded like this one to prevent cross-contamination — so you finally have a proper place to chop and dice your meals.

    The cutting board and plastic mats, each with a different logo to indicate what kind of food it's meant for

    4. A mini countertop compost bin, because it's not too late to start caring about the environment. In fact, one could even argue that it is *essential* to start.

    A gray compost bin next to produce

    5. A two-stage knife sharpener so you don't have to deal with dull blades (and a lousy mincing job as a result).

    6. A multipurpose chef's knife that you can use to prepare vegetables and meats alike. My knives? They're Out.

    Chef's knife next to an artichoke

    7. A rapid egg cooker, which perfectly prepares six eggs in any manner your heart desires — hard-, medium-, and soft-boiled eggs, two poached eggs, scrambled eggs, you name it. This way, you'll really have to go out of your way to mess up an egg.

    Rapid egg cooker in black

    8. An easy oven cleaner that'll utterly eviscerate every last trace of your cooking, because sometimes the biggest cooking fail of all isn't the journey, but the aftermath.

    9. An eight-piece glass bowl set with lids that are the perfect size for meal prepping.

    Clear eight-piece glass bowl set

    10. An oscillating tower fan with three handy speed settings, which'll help you stay cool while you're bent over the stove top making that elaborate dish the Internet told you to make.

    White oscillating tower fan placed in kitchen

    11. A set of unfussy drawer trays to organize all of your utensils.

    Drawer tray with utensils organized in compartments

    12. A digital food thermometer so you never have to play the fun guessing game of "Will I Get Very Sick From Eating This Undercooked Meat?"

    Model inserting thermometer into chicken

    13. A do-it-all Instant Pot which combines seven tools (including a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker) in one appliance and prepares gourmet meals in a fraction of the time you're probably used to.

    The Instant Pot, featuring a digital display

    14. A set of plastic storage containers so you're not throwing shrivelled-up produce into your meal.

    Shriveling strawberry versus fresh, plump strawberry

    15. A kitchen scale that'll convert between five units of measurements so you never fail the math portion of your next cook.

    A digital food scale with cherries on top

    16. A rice maker, which will do the heavy lifting for you and make daily dinner prep a breeze.

    Rice maker with bowls of rice

    17. A set of nylon pan scrapers that'll restore your trusty cast-iron pan and avoid getting surprise bites of burnt residue in your stir fry. Plus, they look like owls, which is a real ~hoot~.

    A saucepan with one of the owl-shaped pan scrapers inside it

    18. An easy-to-use blender that'll get you in the kitchen more.

    Magic Bullet with dish of salsa

    19. A uniform set of airtight food storage containers to tidy up your kitchen shelves.

    10-piece set of clear storage containers

    20. A cutlery brush for a safe and efficient way to finally scrub away the residue plaguing your tricky kitchenware.

    Hands using the green brush to clean a knife

    You, becoming a total whiz in the kitchen:

    21. And dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll zap lime and mineral build-up more effectively than bleach. You might learn in the process where that unpleasant kitchen odour was coming from.

    A woman places an Affresh dishwasher cleaning tab into a full dishwasher

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