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    21 Problem-Solving Products For Your Slightly Embarrassing Needs

    *Hides face* *Clicks add to cart*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stainless steel tongue scraper to banish bad bacteria and improve stinky breath. This way you won't suffer the embarrassment of someone offering you a breath mint.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a two-pack from Amazon Canada for $9.99.

    2. A set of bra liners so you, a sweaty person, can walk to work without the dreaded under-boob sweat. I don't care that it's winter; I. Will. Still. Sweat.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a three-pack from Amazon Canada for $24.98 (available in sizes S-XXL).

    3. A Squatty Potty, because a bout of constipation shouldn't leave you down in the ~dumps~. Squatting changes the angle of your anal canal, opening it up so it's easier for things to exit.

    Amazon / Via

    Get the 7-inch version from Amazon Canada for $29.99, or the 9-inch version from Amazon Canada for $38.

    4. And don't forget a before-you-go toilet spray to hide any evidence. Even if you're one of those weirdly confident people who can poop in public without issue, having this in your bathroom for guests can calm nervous pooers.

    @poopourri / Via

    Get the original citrus scent from Amazon Canada for $12.95+ (check out other scents here).

    5. An acne patch for those days when a pimple pops up at the *worst* possible moment. Hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula oil are gentle on the skin while still drawing out fluids and pus from your pimple.

    Amazon / Via

    Get 40 round patches from Amazon Canada for $25.04.

    Our in-depth review of Avarelle's acne patches gets into the nitty-gritty — why they work, how to use them, and why 4,500+ people can't stop raving about them.

    6. A dandruff shampoo so you can banish white flakes from your scalp. It's made with ketoconazole 1%, an antifungal ingredient that'll tell your dandruff it's no longer welcome here.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $35.99.

    7. A grout paint pen to cover up the mortifyingly large amount of dirt and grime that has fallen into the cracks. It works like a regular marker, so even the people who failed art can use it. And it beats actually having to clean! 🙃

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.12 (also available in beige).

    8. A cuticle oil that'll restore your shredded nails after a gel mani. A combination of sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and jojoba softens the cuticle and strengthens your claws so you'll be proud to show them off., Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.48.

    9. A Clorox ToiletWand for powering through tough rust, lime, and calcium streaks you have to explain to your guests are not poop stains — I swear! Give your tired arms a break and let this little guy scrub away discolouration with ease. Each abrasive head has soap built in and is disposable so you can toss it when you're done.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.99.

    10. A clay mask so you can basically vacuum out your pores. It may also help reduce the frequency of your breakouts and soften your skin.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $11.69. You may also want to mix it with some apple cider vinegar, which you can get here.

    Read our review of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and discover more of its many uses.

    11. A collagen-coating hair treatment that's safe for all hair types and will revitalize a dry, damaged, and overprocessed mane overnight.

    Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $18.

    Read our review of Elizavecca's CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment to learn more about why my colleague calls it, "the miracle product I've been searching for."

    12. A tube of antiperspirant hand cream to dry your hands if you suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), or you're nervous and dreading the handshake before your job interview. It'll work on your feet, too!

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $8.32.

    13. A mould and mildew remover so you can finally be free of those unsightly black splotches on your tile grout. A bathroom so clean you can show your parents? You love to see it!

    Amazon / Via

    Don't forget the cleaning gloves unless you want your hands to reek of bleach.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $30.

    14. A disposable urinal, because nature calls and you need to be ready to answer it. Just pee into the bag (there's a spill guard), let it seal (the bag will do this on its own), and toss it when you find a trash can. These are also great for people who have trouble leaking or need to pee frequently.

    @traveljohnusa / Via, @traveljohnusa / Via

    Get six bags from Amazon Canada for $12.69.

    15. A FlexiSnake to catch the globs of hair you shed before they clog your drains. It's collapsible and covered with 4,000 tiny hooks that snag the strands that have collected in your plumbing.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $10.95 (also available in dark yellow).

    16. A pack of gas-neutralizing pads that'll negate your partner's fetid flatulence. Each antimicrobial activated charcoal pad traps foul-smelling gas molecules so toxic toots are a thing of the past.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of five from Amazon Canada for $19.95.

    17. A hair finishing stick for cleaning up all those random strands that escape from ponytails and buns. It's basically like a mascara wand coated in natural plant oils for your hair. And it's so easy to use that no one will suspect that you, a full-grown adult, have no idea (literally zero) how to do you hair.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.99.

    18. A box of wart-removing pads that you apply like bandages so you can be rid of your extra growth. Be gone, appendage!

    Amazon / Via

    Get 14 pads from Amazon Canada for $15.38+ (available in nine styles).

    19. A blackhead remover vacuum with a powerful head for suctioning up blackheads, whiteheads, grease, and leftover makeup. It comes with four different attachments for all your skincare needs, as well as five suction levels so you can clear up your skin without painful blackhead-removing strips.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $39.99.

    20. A Schick Silk dermaplaning razor so you evict any unwanted stray hairs that have taken up residence on your face — and conquer your PTSD from accidentally shaving off half your eyebrow in middle school thanks to its precision cover. These itty bitty razors are great for stashing in your purse for touch-ups on the go.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of three from Amazon Canada for $7.99.

    21. And a box of extra strength Gas-X softgels for when you know you should be avoiding dairy but your Friday night plans include mac 'n' cheese, nachos, and ice cream.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 30 softgels from Amazon Canada for $21.24.

    You know what's even *more* embarrassing? Not buying these products.

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