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    23 Cute Items For The Octopus Enthusiast In Your Life

    If only you had eight arms to hold all of it.

    1. This ceramic tea mug, which you can sip from as you ponder the secrets of the ocean.

    Get it here for $14.06.

    2. This wooden wall clock, for people who liked octopuses before they were cool.

    Get it here for $59.73.

    3. This artsy tote bag, so you can carry as much with one arm as an octopus can carry with eight arms.

    Get it here for $45.

    4. This octopus notebook, where you can record all of your deep (sea) thoughts.

    Get it here for $7.97.

    5. This stationery set, so you can really get Kraken on your correspondence.

    Get it here for $6.63.

    6. This bright stepping stool, which will give you a leg up — or, rather, eight legs up.

    Get it here for $86.38.

    7. This silhouetted throw pillow that adds a subtle touch of under-the-sea.

    Get it here for $45.18.

    8. This turquoise bedding set, so you can dream of your eight-armed friends all night.

    Get it here for $143.51.

    9. This kid-friendly octopus blanket (that will eat them whole!).

    Get it here for $105.88.

    10. This adorable makeup bag covered in your beloved ocean pals.

    Get it here for $26.58.

    11. This comfy T-shirt featuring a cute, ink-spitting octopus.

    Get it here for $26.58.

    12. This hand-made crocheted octopus scarf, which is both stylish and versatile.

    Get it here for $132.89.

    13. These bars of octopus soap, so you can lather up with cephalopods.

    Get them here for $7.97 each.

    14. This head band, which will keep octopuses on your mind.

    Get it here for $26.37.

    15. These magnetic octopus bookmarks, so you won't lose your place.

    Get them here for $4.43 each.

    16. This sterling silver necklace, so you can keep an octopus close to your heart.

    Get it here for $30.44.

    17. This small but daring octopus ear cuff.

    Get it here for $37.21.

    18. This choker, which wraps its tentacles tight around your neck.

    Get it here for $59.80.

    19. These sweet squishy plushes.

    Get them here for $18.27 each.

    20. This book-loving octopus art, so you can display your love of literature and intelligent sea creatures at the same time.

    Get it here for $32.56.

    21. This charming cross-stitch pattern, so you can properly welcome guests to your octopus-loving home.

    Get it here for $3.97.

    22. This placemat, which shows that the ocean isn't the only place to explore.

    Get it here for $15.68.

    23. And this cheerful bookend, which can hold up way more than eight books.

    Get it here for $63.79.

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