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    14 Hilarious Tumblr Conversations Between America And Canada

    Come on, guys, stop fighting.

    1. When it was somebody's special day:

    2. Whey they took a walk together:

    3. When England lost track of America:

    4. When Italy had to break up a big fight in front of everyone:

    5. When Canada was chilly:


    6. When America went on a nickname kick:

    7. When they continued their eternal struggle:

    8. When England lost America AGAIN:

    9. When Canada knew what was coming but was powerless to stop it:

    10. When America had a hearing problem:

    11. When, good lord, England just cannot keep track of America:

    12. When America told Canada a joke:

    13. When Dad played favourites:

    14. And when, despite their differences, America and Canada came together to look after family: