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21 Funny Tweets About Drake That Are Actually So True

"Drake Canada Great Again."

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1. On crossovers:

2. On holidays:

We remember that on the first Canadian Thanksgiving, Drake found his first woe, picked it up, held it close, and said "I can run with this."

3. On slogans:

4. On lyrics:

All the words I know to Jumpman by Drake and Future: "Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpma

5. On nicknames:

6. On what-ifs:

Life of Pablo would have been 87% better if Drake had've done it

7. On being relatable:

i relate to drake because i'm a high-maintenance jew that thinks i'm low-maintenance and i love sweatpants

8. On sex:

"started from your bottom, now we're ear" Drake serenades you as he tenderly explores all of your orifices from the ground up

9. On friendship:

Me: isn't it great how you and Drake are both from Toronto? 5yo: yeah, but ... why aren't we friends? Do you think Drake likes me???

10. On imitators:

11. On priorities:

12. On foes:

me: drake everyone loves you drake: nah uh I gotta lotta enemies me: no you don't drake drake: *under his breath* whole lotta enemies

13. On strategy:

A fan has released a coloring book for adults filled with drawings of rapper Drake. The best way to color it is starting from the bottom.

14. On coincidences:

Adele: But when I call you never seem to be home Drake: You used to call me on my cellphone

15. On dress codes:

THEORY: maybe drake's girl started wearing less and going out more because it was summer, and he doesn't understand seasons.

16. On pets:

Drake is great and I love his songs and I spend lots of time ignoring the fact his love songs sound like he's addressing a Golden Retriever.

17. On superlatives:

My high school voted me Least Likely To Tweet About Drake

18. On surprises:

Biggest surprises in the new Drake song: - starts with "my name is Drake and I'm here to say" - name-drops Oliver Jewellers - features Snow

19. On uncertainty:

i'm not saying it's a sure thing that drake and i would be best friends, i'm just saying there's no way to rule that out until we kiss

20. On dancing:

Drake dances like a forgotten Peanuts character.

21. On overexposure:

taylor swift, martin shkreli, donald trump and drake walk into a bar. bartender says "im tired of looking at or hearing about all of you"