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    21 Dogs Who Failed Super Hard, But Still Make Us Laugh

    We don't deserve dogs.

    1. This dog who wanted to bring the party inside.


    2. This dog who can make friends with anyone and anything.

    3. This dog who ran into some trouble while fetching a tennis ball.

    Heard a big ass crash in my bedroom....

    4. This dog who tried to taste the rainbow:

    5. This dog who fought a bee and lost:

    6. This dog who doesn't mind that he doesn't fit, he's just happy to receive a gift.

    7. This dog who doesn't understand why he's not inside but he's still having a good time:

    8. This dog who tried to dress up as his master:

    fingercup / Via

    9. This dog who doesn't know that stealing is wrong.

    my mom just sent me this video of my dog stealing her phone i’m crying im laughing so hard

    10. This puppy who made it through obedience school and immediately forgot everything:

    ME4NS / Via

    11. This dog who attempted to catch a cat:

    Twitter: @ipsen247

    (Don't worry, he's fine.)

    12. This dog who is enjoying the medication he received for surgery.

    13. This dog who wreaked havoc and then took a break.

    14. This dog who came up with an interesting way to beg for treats.

    15. This dog who got into a bag of charcoal:

    iamsecondtonone / Via

    16. This dog who should have rethought the escape plan:

    17. This dog who was defeated by blinds:

    18. This dog who got trapped while exploring the house:

    Look what this idiot got himself into this morning.

    19. This dog who is intrigued by the dog on the other side of the mirror.

    20. This dog who found a refreshing new place to lie down:

    Kona_Dlite / Via

    21. And this dog who probably won't be making the ultimate frisbee team anytime soon:

    ozone_one / Via

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