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17 Insanely Delicious Desserts For Anyone Obsessed With Maple

It's so much more than just syrup.

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6. Maple Lime Custard Celebration Pie

@wonder_word / Via Instagram: @wonder_word

Lime custard just got a whole lot better. Get the recipe.


11. Maple Caramel Bacon Crack

@allydsmith / Via Instagram: @allydsmith

Another maple-and-bacon combination, but this time with caramel to add some sweet crunch. Get the recipe.


13. Maple Blondies

@cafedelites / Via Instagram: @cafedelites

You can add pecans to this or not! This recipe also includes instructions for how to make a maple butter glaze to drizzle over the blondies. Yum. Get the recipe.

15. Maple Cinnamon Cookies

@aya92.o / Via

Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, these are the perfect maple cookies to bake. Get the recipe.