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    It's Cyber Monday, And Here Are The Best Deals Online For Canadians

    Deals from Sephora, Indigo, lululemon, adidas, Nordstrom, Aldo, Etsy, and MUCH more — so you can save some big, big bucks.

    Cyber Monday, the time when 🇨🇦Canadians🇨🇦 can get deals on more things than you could possibly look through in your ENTIRE LIFE, is here!

    And lucky for you, we waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in many categories.

    1. 50% off a MyHeritage DNA testing kit that'll track your genetic origins from over 2,000 geographic regions, find unknown relatives, and expand your family tree.

    The DNA testing kit

    2. Up to 60% off everything at Gap, with an extra 20% applied at checkout.

    3. 40% off a lightweight puffer made of recycled materials that'll keep the wintery chill from rattling your bones. The extra length will cover your bum and stop cold breezes from sneaking in. Plus, it's got a fully👏insulated👏hood👏!

    a model wearing the lightweight puffer while looking into the camera

    4. $200 off a self-emptying iRobot Roomba i3 vacuum that'll scoot around your floors and quietly clean up messes for you. It can sense when it's about to bump into furniture or is close to the edge of your stairs so you won't need to keep an eye on it.

    The Roomba cleaning up dust near a record player

    5. And $100 off an iRobot robotic mop that'll make your floors sparkle. It's small enough to fit under cabinets and behind toilets so no corner will go untouched.

    The mop washing a hardwood floor

    6. 40% off (plus an extra 10% off for members) everything storewide at adidas, from shoes to athletic wear, with the promo code CYBERMONDAY.

    7. 40% off a pair of adidas x Marimekko sneakers because some things are just timeless classics. The style began as a sleek tennis shoe, which means its lightweight, perfectly cushioned, and super durable.

    a person wearing the shoes while clambering on rocks

    8. 50% to 70% off at Tip Top Tailors, incuding all outerwear.

    9. 50% off a knit sweater that you'll probably live in this winter. It has a twisted cable knit pattern that'll add a little texture and personality to your outfit.

    A person wearing a sweater and jeans

    10. Up to 50% off everything at Nordstrom.

    Model wearing a Nike jersey and tulle hoodie

    11. 40% off a lightweight yoga towel that can be used as a mat, but is way easier to tote from room to room (or class to class). It's made of 80% recycled materials so you'll be doing Mother Earth a solid, too.

    A person doing yoga on the mat on a boat

    12. 20% off a pair of bestselling Spanx faux leather leggings so you can ditch your pantaloons once and for all. They're supportive (without making you feel suffocated), and will never scrunch or sag.

    a smiling person wearing the leggings

    13. Up to 75% off all makeup, skincare, and other beauty products at LookFantastic.

    14. 40% to 70% everything at George Richards, including outerwear.

    Model wearing a grey puffer jacket

    15. 36% off a pair of jeans that you'll want to wear on all the days that end with Y. They have a straight cut and four-way stretch that make them perfect for any activity.

    A person wearing jeans with sneakers

    16. Deals on all apparel, accessories, and equipment from lululemon, including this cropped tank that feels virtually weightless and will bend with you in every pose.

    A model in a cropped green tank top

    17. Up to 52% off a cozy crewneck sweater from lululemon that won't make you sweat under all your winter layers. It's super soft and even has a hidden pocket for stashing all your small essentials.

    a person looking into the camera while wearing the cozy sweatshirt

    18. 35% off an airy zip-up poncho you can throw on over of all your fave winter 'fits. It's made of merino wool that's naturally thermoregulating — which means no more back sweat! Plus, it's *just* long enough to feel cozy (rather than suffocating).

    19. Deals on oodles and oodles of products in all categories at Amazon Canada.

    20. 36% off an Instagram-famous Always Pan that you can use to braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, serve, AND store (it ain't just a one-trick pony). It's also so pretty, it'll probably be a regular feature on your grid.

    21. Up to 70% (plus an extra 25%) off bags, shoes, accessories, clothing, and everything else at Michael Kors, including this shoulder bag that's big enough to carry all of your essentials but stylish enough to take with you everywhere.

    Model carrying large shoulder bag

    22. Or this faux shearling-lined puffer jacket from Michael Kors that'll keep you warm and stylish in the colder months. It's made of nylon, so it won't overheat you.

    A pink puffer jacket with a fake shearling lining

    23. Up to 30% off books, home goods, toys, tech, and tons of other products in all categories at Indigo.

    24. 24% off the Tasty 24-piece cookware set that'll let you make all your favourite recipes from breakfast to dessert without scrambling (unless we're talking eggs, lol). Plus, the set comes with food storage containers so you can meal prep.

    The tasty cookware set

    25. 40% to 60% off tights, stockings, and socks from Sheertex that are practically indestructible — these things can withstand nails, scissors, and even dog bites without tearing.

    26. Buy 1, get 1 free (plus an extra 25% off) all eyeglasses and sunglasses at EyeBuyDirect.

    Two models wearing acrylic eye glasses

    27. Up to 60% off hand-made crafts, art, jewellery, gifts, and so much more at Etsy.

    28. 30% off clothing, furniture, home decor, and more at Anthropologie.

    29. Up to 50% off footwear and handbags at Aldo.

    30. Buy 2, get 1 free on all skincare products from Blume, including their Meltdown Acne Oil that'll cleanse your skin without stripping it of moisture or making it feel greasy. Plus, it'll help fade the look of acne scars over time.

    31. Up to 30% off Silvi acne-fighting silk pillowcases when you buy multiples. It kills 99.7% of bacteria that can cause breakouts, so you can go to sleep and wake up to clearer skin — literally.

    32. 50% off everything storewide at Old Navy.

    33. 50% off site-wide at Sukoshi Mart, including K-beauty, gifts, snacks, and more.

    34. Up to 50% off bestselling makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty products at Sephora.

    35. 25% off almost everything at Roots, plus 40% off select styles.

    36. Up to 50% off all jewellery at Jenny Bird.

    37. Up to 30% off all footwear at Keds with the promo code NOCROWDS.

    38. Up to 50% off select styles of athletic wear at Under Armour.

    39. 30% or more off fragrances, haircare, skincare, beauty products, and more at The Body Shop.

    A container of Joy and Jasmine body butter

    40. 50% off everything at Banana Republic.

    41. Up to 50% off artwork, gifts, home decor, and