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    24 Cult-Fave Products It's Time For Canadians To Finally Try

    Is it finally time for you to buy these buzzworthy products...?

    1. A John Frieda hot air brush that has allowed a multitude of people to skip the blowout bar forever and give themselves a killer style in the comfort of their own home.

    2. A wood polish and conditioner with beeswax and orange oil to hide dings and scratches and add some healthy natural luster to basically anything in your home that's made of wood.

    3. An Amazon Fire Stick that makes it so easy to access all of your subscription services in one place. Love anything that somehow makes watching TV even easier.

    amazon fire stick and remote

    4. Allbirds wool runners so you can keep your feet super comfortable while letting everyone know that you listen to SO many podcasts.

    5. Mighty Patches because fighting breakouts can be as easy as popping on a sticker that sucks up all that gunk overnight. I will gladly trade jetpacks for a future where stickers can solve all my problems.

    6. A jewellery cleaning pen, because this little tool is keeping SO MANY pieces of priceless jewelry shinier than ever and boy oh boy are there the review photos to prove it.

    The pen has long bristles that'll clean behind stone settings

    7. A Stila Stay All Day eyeliner pen to help you achieve the flawless cat eye you've been dreaming of for years. Great artists need great tools, and this...*wipes tear and Stila eyeliner stays sharp and intact* that tool.

    8. A Nintendo Switch — arguably the most sought-after product of the year — so you can play your favourite games both docked on a TV screen or on the go.

    nintendo switch console

    9. A pair of blue light–blocking glasses to help prevent those working from home from getting daily afternoon headaches. This simple and popular lens add-on really does help reduce eyestrain, which can cause much discomfort, especially if it's day after day after day.

    10. A bottle of Garnier micellar water that is both a facial cleaner *and* makeup remover! Its gentle formula, effectiveness on most skin types, and low price point have earned it a lot of love. That's a lot of happy, streak-free eyeballs (including my own)!

    hand holding large bottle of cleansing water

    11. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets so you don't have to toss your tumblers every time you leave them in the car for a few days...or a few weeks...or a month.

    A model drops a Bottle Bright tablet into a water bottle

    12. InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum that uses hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells to reduce sun spots, discolouration, redness, hyper-pigmentation, and dark spots without drying you out.

    13. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer — I know, I know, "Why do I need this tool that literally does the job of a knife?" It perfectly halves, de-pits, and slices avocados easily and beautifully, and that sounds pretty freaking good to me.

    the plastic tool with a blunt knife on one end, a depitter in the middle and a round slicer on the other end

    14. A pet hair vacuum that over 6,000 five-star Amazon reviewers confirm will make much quicker work of cleaning up fuzz of all kinds.

    15. A Tub Shroom to stop drain clogs before they even begin. You can't really stop yourself from shedding, but you can make cleaning up a heck of a lot easier and cheaper.

    A BuzzFeed writer's drain-shaped tubshroom wrapped in hair

    16. An Instant Pot that, in case you haven't heard, the people love! Finally teach your mom what a "stan" is by explaining that it's how she feels about her favourite 6-in-1 appliance.

    17. An Instax camera for capturing memories and storing them irl. I know, physical copies of photos are an anomaly, but you'll be happy to have them once The Cloud comes crashing down sometime in the future.

    line green square instax camera

    18. Fanola purple shampoo to help anyone with bleached hair maintain their icy look without expensive trips to the salon. The shampoo gives hair a healthy dose of toning with every wash, keeping the ever-present threat of brassiness from coming through.

    A bottle of the Fanola no yellow shampoo

    19. A cold brew maker for whipping up your favourite kind of bean juice overnight! The infuser makes either one or two quarts of concentrated iced coffee, saving you a trip to the café, not to mention your hard-earned moolah.

    on the left grounds going into the filter, in the middle the coffee steeping in the pitcher, on the right the iced coffee being poured into a glass

    20. Thayer's Witch Hazel toner to cleanse your skin while reducing redness, breakouts, and dullness. It also smells like roses, making it the perfect romantic gift from you to you.

    BuzzFeed editor holding large bottle of the rose petal toner

    21. A weighted blanket to help you snooze in peace. A ton of folks find that the weight relaxes them, making their sleep deeper and more restful.

    model laying under light grey weighted blanket

    22. A Squatty Potty because *NEWS FLASH* it's helping thousands of people poop better. Not to be hyperbolic, but I love my Squatty Potty more than I love any human, and I'm not sorry!

    model sitting on a toilet with their feet on a squatty potty

    23. And a nose-saving bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray people swear helps keep their BMs on the DL.

    four small cylindrical bottles of poo-pourri

    24. A Vitamix for whipping up delectable smoothies, soups, nut butters, and much more, quickly and sooooo smoothly. If you've been thinking about getting one for years, maybe it's time to finally take the plunge.

    vitamix with large base blending a smoothie

    You, having thought about buying these cult-faves every day for literal years:

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