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    23 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

    Just a few little things to brighten up these bleak winter months.

    1. A tube of Cosrx's rice mask you can use as an overnight sleeping mask, wash-off mask, or just as a cream. You're a sleep away from hydrated, bouncy skin!

    2. The Little Women Cookbook, because even though I saw the movie several weeks ago, I am in no way over it. And crying into delicious homemade treats inspired by the novel itself sounds better than...just crying.

    3. A habit calendar so you can track daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to get you on the right foot. It's undated, so you can start any time!

    4. And a set of colourful pastel pens to make journaling, habit-tracking, taking notes in class, etc. more fun *and* more organized. Colour-coding is a beautiful thing.

    5. A zipper puller for those mornings where you're reaching around the back to zip up that dress but simply CANNOT. Don't waste time tracking down your roomie — you can handle things now.

    6. A telescoping foam snow broom specifically designed to move layers of the frozen white crystals OFF your car with ease — without scratching your windows or paint.

    7. An overflow drain cover so you can soak in a deeper (and therefore warmer) bath during these coldest months of the year. It just suction cups over the overflow drain so you can sit back and relax.

    8. A pair of scrubby gloves covered with silicone nodules to lather up and remove touch stuck-on food particles while protecting your hands from that hot, hot water.

    9. A two-pack of citrus peelers so you can enjoy your clementine, pomelo, or Sumo Citrus (my all-time fave) habit without having your hands smell like fruit the entire rest of the day.

    10. A lavender and chamomile aromatherapy mist you can spray on everything and make your bedroom a ~Cave of Slumbers~ when you're staring up at the ceiling at 2:47 a.m. and chanting "GO TO SLEEP!"

    11. A book of *supersized* New York Times Sunday crosswords for all the productive (exercising your brain!) procrastination you'll ever need.

    12. A stainless steel grooved bangle that'll transform a too-tight hair band (because everyone needs one with them always!) into a polished bracelet.

    13. A pack of two deodorant-removing sponges for when you switch shirts *after* your careful deodorant application. Ughhhhh those white streaks!!!!

    14. A wine-tasting notebook if you're a burgeoning sommelier looking to expand your horizons — it has space to reflect and take notes on your favourite blends!

    15. A set of motion-sensing strip lights for installing effortless under-cabinet lighting, brightening dark closets, or lighting up creepy-at-night staircases.

    16. An adorable planner that'll actually understand the amazing feeling that comes from cancelled plans.

    17. A crêpe-making set complete with 12-inch nonstick griddle, wooden spreader, and spatula to ensure the lightest, thinnest crêpes outside of Paris.

    18. A stainless steel Sink Shroom from the makers of the cult-fave TubShroom that'll blend right in with your sink and keep *all* the pesky food remnants from clogging your drain.

    19. A light-up pen so you can jot down your dreams in the middle of the night without waking yourself up too much, or simply journal with the lights out without disturbing your partner or roommate.

    Image of a hand writing with a light-up pen in the dark.

    20. A handy dandy phone and tablet holder you can rest on the tray table while down or hooked on while folded up to watch your *own* downloaded flights and shows on any flight.

    21. A compact personal heater so you can have a direct line of warmth streaming out to you from several inches or a foot away — even in your freezing office!

    22. A pair of silicone oven mitts that'll transform your hands into Mickey Mouse's.

    23. How To Bake, a cookbook from Paul Hollywood and his baby blues so your cakes, breads, and pastries will no longer be disastrous or over-baked. This bb has tips, tricks, recipes, and step-by-step photos to guide you on the way — hello Star Baker!

    Here's to becoming a wizard in the kitchen:

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