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    21 Photos That Show Exactly Why Everyone Should Visit Canada

    What are you waiting for, eh?

    1. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You'll never want to leave.

    2. There's something unexpected to see around every corner. Something that will take your breath away.

    3. And there are countless out-of-the-way gems that you'll be glad you saw.

    4. It’s the perfect place to visit if you really love spending time outdoors.

    5. The snowy weather makes everything look like a fairy tale.

    6. And you'll never have to worry about suffering through extreme heat.

    7. We're a bilingual country, and we're damned proud of it.

    8. Canada boasts some of the most elegant cuisine in the world.

    9. Just simple, classy food that you can show off on Instagram.

    10. Canada is truly on the cutting edge of haute couture.

    11. Seriously, there's so much great shopping to be done here!

    12. You won't need to worry about encountering any rowdy locals.

    13. Because we only celebrate the really important things.

    14. Canada is a country that really promotes its important historical figures.

    15. Our politicians really take the political process seriously.

    16. And our media coverage never goes too far like it does in other countries.

    17. We have some of the best, most reliable public transportation anywhere.

    18. You won't find more beautiful wildlife anywhere else.

    19. If you're interested in romance, there's no better place than Canada.

    20. You don't even need to look for love here. It will find you.

    21. And, of course, every single Canadian you'll meet will be unfailingly friendly and polite.