23 Times Captain Raymond Holt Was The Greatest Part Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"


    1. When he had the most expressive face.

    2. When he would change the color of the sky.

    3. When he was very "awake" about grammar.

    4. When he sassed some dog show contestants.

    5. When he had to carry around two puppies all day.

    6. When he played the gay card.

    7. When he got some bad news.

    8. When Rosa loved the balloon arch that everyone else hated.


    9. When he would not accept a nickname.

    10. When he correctly guessed the reason Amy was late for work (she was in line at the bank).

    11. When he had some personal news.

    12. When he translated some common greetings.

    13. When he and Kevin had the most romantic wedding ever.

    14. And basically any and every time he and Kevin were total relationship goals.


    15. When he was pushed to the limit.


    16. When he said the name of their operation with the appropriate gravitas.

    17. When he gave a great pep talk.

    18. When he realized his dog had been replaced with an impostor.

    19. And when he was betrayed by someone close to him.

    20. When he had to pretend to be straight while undercover.

    21. When he let Jake in on a secret.


    22. When he refused to be intimidated by an angry colleague.

    23. And, of course, when he got upset at the use of the word "bone."