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Can You Defeat Ken Jennings In His Final Game Of "Jeopardy!"?

His 74-game winning streak ended on November 30, 2004.

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On November 30, 2004, Ken Jennings, the software engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah, ended his 74-game winning streak on Jeopardy! After winning more than $2.5 million* over his run, Jennings was defeated by Nancy Zerg during Final Jeopardy.

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*Yes, I know Jennings has made subsequent special appearances on Jeopardy! and won even more money than that, but we're just going to deal with this specific episode.

Do you think you have what it takes to defeat Jennings in the last game of his winning streak? You'll have to beat his final score of $8,799.

You will be asked each of the 57 questions aired during the November 30, 2004 episode of Jeopardy! (an episode that featured an entire round of Seinfeld-themed questions). You'll be given the category as well as the dollar value of the question.


Answer the question correctly, and you'll add money to your winnings. Answer it incorrectly, and you'll lose that much money. You're trying to win more than $8,799, which was Jennings's score at the end of this episode.

For each question, you'll have a "don't buzz in" option, which you can select if you don't know the answer. Do this and you won't make or lose any money for that question.

All of the questions are multiple choice. There are Daily Doubles, but you can only earn or lose as much as the contestant on the show wagered at the time. (Ken Jennings landed on all of the Daily Doubles in this episode.) But on Daily Doubles, you can still choose not to buzz in and you won't lose anything.


There is a Final Jeopardy! question, but before the final question, you must wager what Ken Jennings wagered, what Nancy Zerg wagered, or zero dollars.