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18 Perfect Tweets About Penny Oleksiak's Gold Medal Win For Canada

"Penny Oleksiak is really making Canada reconsider getting rid of the penny."

Last night, Penny Oleksiak made Canadian Olympic history when she tied for gold in the 100m freestyle event, along with US swimmer Simone Manuel. It's Oleksiak's fourth medal of the games, the most any Canadian has ever won during a single Summer Olympics.

Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images

Did we mention she's 16 years old? YEAH. SHE'S 16 YEARS OLD.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Canadians are pretty stoked.

1. On reporting:

2. On the closing ceremony:

The first week isn't even over yet, and who will carry the Canadian flag in the closing ceremony is already a done deal. #PennyOleksiak

3. On Oleksiak's future:

So there's no doubt about it. Closing flag bearer. Next Prime Minister. Free beaver tails for life. #PennyOleksiak

4. On Canadian pride:

Penny Oleksiak: I'm just happy that I made Canada proud Me: *melts into puddle of tears*

5. On friendship:

We tied with you in that swim race, America, because that’s what real friends do.

6. On currency:

Penny Oleksiak is really making Canada reconsider getting rid of the penny #Rio2016 #gold

7. On special editions:

The Canadian Mint should release a collector's set consisting of a gold penny, a silver penny and two bronze pennies. #pennyoleksiak

8. On paper money:

Next hundred dollar bill right here. #CAN #PennyOleksiak

9. On reactions:

10. On siblings:

I love that a 16 year old swimmer will be more famous in Canada than her NHL-playing brother. #pennyoleksiak

11. On Wikipedia:

That didn't take long. Canadian legend #pennyoleksiak #CAN

12. On Olympic comparisons:

At 16, Michael Phelps had zero Olympic medals. Just sayin'. #pennyoleksiak

13. On summer vacation:

"Welcome to grade 11. First to present their essay on 'how I spent my summer vacation' is Penny. Penny? Anything cool?" #pennyoleksiak

14. On the next challenge:

Now #pennyoleksiak's real challenge begins... Grade 11 pre-calculus.

15. On awesome girls named Penny:

16. On Olympic commentators:

Can't wait to see Penny Oleksiak reduced to a what's-in-her-bag post and an endless stream of #girlcrush posts and 5 things you need to know

17. On chanting:

18. And on how Olympians are JUST! LIKE! US! (except better):

@thebrenthayden @SwimmingCanada I also do this