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    16 Tweets That'll Absolutely Blow Your Mind This Week

    "Kidneys are just body Britas."

    1. This apt comparison:

    “marilyn manson looks like nicholas cage dressed up as marilyn manson”

    2. This description that's hard to refute:

    My whole life changed when I realized that pro wrestlers are just buff theatre kids

    3. This clothing display:

    4. This naming system:

    black bears: make sense brown bears: also make sense polar bears: not called white bears for absolutely no fucking reason

    5. This meme — which is calling me out:

    6. This mashup:

    Here's what happens if you speed up moon landing footage and add Yakkity Sax

    7. This shocking movie detail:

    in ‘baby driver’ (2017) the words ‘baby’ and ‘driver’ appear on the screen. this is a reference to the fact that the movie is called ‘baby driver’

    8. This familiar face:

    9. And David Schwimmer's denial:

    Officers, I swear it wasn't me. As you can see, I was in New York. To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation. #itwasntme

    10. This bizarre pricing system:

    theres gotta be a better way to convey this information

    Click here to see how people on Twitter tried to figure it out.

    11. This fooled pup:

    i've never seen a clearer explanation of plato's cave

    12. This scary prediction of a future war:

    There are roughly 40 million kangaroos worldwide and there are 8 million people in Ohio so if there was an instance that kangaroos invaded Ohio each individual would have to fight off a minimum of 5 kangaroos and idk if we could do it

    13. This secret-revealing X-ray:

    My mom found out I got my nipples pierced today

    14. This "American" snack:

    This what the British are being told is authentic American football fare: A two-foot long Mac & Cheese dog at Wembley today.

    15. This guy, who is living in 3018:

    Dude just cruised past me riding a lawn chair taped to an electric skateboard while vaping and blasting Jack Johnson. Now I’m questioning all my life choices.

    16. And this tweet, which is true, tbh:

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