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    Here Are The Best Cyber Monday Kitchen Deals On Amazon Canada

    Hey, Canada: Life's about to get a little more delicious.

    Happy Cyber Monday, friends! It's that time of year when 🇨🇦Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 has tons of great sales on thousands of items, and we've rounded up all of the best kitchen items you can grab!

    1. 38% off of an Instant Pot Duo that combines the features of seven kitchen tools in one pot. It works as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a sauté pan, a food warmer, and a yogurt maker.

    An Instant Pot on a kitchen counter beside yummy looking food

    2. 15% off of an automatic electric pepper mill.

    A pepper mill beside meat and spices

    3. 15% off of a trio of spider strainers.

    A person strains food from a pan of oil

    4. 18% off of a kitchen torch that'll give your steak a perfect sear or your crème brûlée a crackly crust.

    A person sears a roast

    5. 15% off of a ceramic rod knife sharpener that'll keep your blades in tip-top condition.

    A person sharpens a knife against a rod

    6. 21% off of a popcorn popper.

    Two kids eat popcorn fresh from a popcorn maker

    7. 18% off of a large ice cream scooper.

    An ice cream scoop scoops up ice cream

    8. 17% off of a stainless steel pressure cooker.

    A pressure cooker on a counter filled with food

    9. 37% off of two Lagostina nonstick frying pans.

    Two non stick frying pans

    10. 17% off of a milk frother that'll whip up delicious foam for your beverages in 15-30 seconds. Why spend $$$ at your local cafe on a pricey latte when you can make it at home for way less?

    A person pours foam into a beverage

    11. 16% off a whistling tea kettle for your stovetop. It has over 6,000 five-star ratings and people love that you can hear when the water is ready from any room in the house.

    A kettle on a cutting board with tea bags

    12. 17% off of a leave-in meat thermometer that'll help you ensure that your roasts are never overdone and your chicken is never underdone (shudder).

    A thermometer in a roast

    13. 47% off of a mini Keurig machine that'll make you a single, perfect cup of coffee.

    14. 33% off of a set of four spherical baking moulds that'll help you whip up some Insta-worthy desserts.

    15. 25% off of a duo of kitchen tongs with a nonslip design and a locking clip that'll prevent them from springing open in your drawer.

    Two kitchen tongs in different sizes

    16. 23% off of a Brita water filter that'll filter out any impurities and weird tastes from your tap water.

    17. 15% off of a coffee grinder that has a removable inner chamber, so you won't have to struggle tipping the entire device over to get your delicious grounds.

    18. 34% off of a citrus juicer that you can bust out for fresh mimosas on special occasions. You can adjust how much pulp you want or don't want in your juice, since that tends to be a polarizing issue (#TeamNoPulp).

    A citrus juicer surrounded by fruit on a kitchen counter

    19. 18% off of a Breville juicer that'll break down even the toughest veggies into delicious juice. Fresh carrot juice? Yes, please!

    20. 37% off of a KitchenAid hand mixer that's less clunky than a stand mixer but just as efficient for whisking up your batters and doughs.

    A hand mixer

    21. 29% off of a Ninja blender that can pulverize frozen fruits in seconds to create delicious smoothies.

    A blender with fruit and ice

    22. 10% off of an air fryer that'll help you fry up your favourite foods, but with drastically less oil. It uses a convection fan system that'll give your food a crispy texture without actually deep frying them.

    An air fryer surrounded by air fried foods

    23. 15% off of a smokeless electric grill that'll let you make grilled food inside when it's too cold to use the barbeque.

    A person brushes sweet potatoes on a grill

    24. 60% off of a six-piece seafood cracking and extraction kit that'll help you get all of the meat out of the nooks and crannies of the shells. Is crab and lobster delicious? Yes. Is it a pain in the butt to deal with? Also yes.

    25. 19% off of a ceramic grilling stone that'll help you whip up crusty gourmet pizzas either in the oven or on the barbeque.

    A pizza on a pizza stone

    26. 14% off of a panini press that also functions as a grill. You can use it for burgers, steaks, eggs, or anything you'd usually whip up on a griddle.

    A panini press with two sandwiches in it

    27. 15% off of a Belgian waffle maker.

    A Belgian waffle maker

    If you're asking yourself if you need these things, here's the answer:

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