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    The Best Cyber Monday Deals In Canada That Look Expensive, But Aren't

    These won't put a dent in your wallet.

    Happy Cyber Monday, friends! It's that time of the year when 🇨🇦Canadian retailers🇨🇦 have tons of great sales on thousands of items — and we've rounded up the best deals that look expensive, but actually aren't!

    1. 29% off of a Fire 7 tablet that you can stream, browse, and read on. It's less clunky than a laptop, but bigger than a phone — the perfect in-between size!

    A person reads a book on the tablet

    2. 32% off a pair of hair clippers, so you can try out the at-home hair-cutting situation, whether on yourself or on a friend.

    A clipper and a before and after shot of a person with long hair and coiffed hair

    3. 20% off of a pair of over-ear Sony headphones.

    A pair of headphones on a desk

    4. 15% off of a silky sleep mask that'll shut the world out when you need some shut eye.

    A sleep mask on a table

    5. 15% off of this seriously cool holographic purse that changes colour depending on where the light hits it.

    A person wears a holographic purse

    6. 24% off of a petite purse with RFID-blocking technology that's just big enough to fit your cellphone and credit cards.

    A person wears a petite purse crossbody

    7. 50% off of a mini eyeshadow pallette from Too Faced that'll add a pretty pop of colour to your eyes for your next video date with friends.

    8. 30% off of a ceramic planter with a geometric pattern that would be the perfect home for your new succulent.

    A ceramic planter on a side table with a plant in it

    9. 73% off of a pair of wide-leg pants with a sash at the waist and functional pockets.

    10. 45% off of a pretty glass lantern that'll add a little romantic ambience to your next date night.

    Glass lanterns filled with fairy lights

    11. 30% off of a hanging crocheted chair that looks like it's beckoning you to curl up in it with a good book.

    A crocheted chair hangs indoors

    12. 64% off an Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker that'll stream all of your music and answer your most burning questions with voice-activated technology.

    A smart speaker beside a bookshelf

    13. 15% off of a set of six sheet masks that'll give your stressed-out skin some intense hydration.

    a set of face masks on a blanket

    14. 41% off of these glitzy rainboots that'll keep your tootsies dry while also looking all kinds of chic.

    A pair of glittery rainboots

    15. 17% off of a milk frother that'll whip up delicious foam for your beverages in 15-30 seconds. Why spend $$$ at your local cafe on a pricey latte when you can make it at home for way less?

    A person pours foam into a beverage

    16. 36% off of a Fire TV Stick 4K that'll make your TV a little smarter without you actually having to shell out hundreds of bucks on a smart TV.

    The stick with the some of the providers it works for: CTV Crave Spotify Prime Video Bell Fibe TV Disney + and Netflix

    17. 63% off of a creamy eyeshadow from Pat McGrath that'll give your eyes a pretty pop of colour for your next Google hangout sesh.

    A person wears a sparkly dusty orange eyeshadow

    18. 40% off of a set of velour eyelashes that'll add some serious drama to your peepers.

    A set two long false eyelashes in a pouch

    Reacting to all of these deals like:

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