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14 Reasons Why You Need To Be Watching "Baroness Von Sketch"

"It's a women's product. Of course there's butterflies."

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1. When the cast satirized how women are treated by the media.

2. When they went to a certain area of the gym's changing room.

3. When they tried on some new jeans.

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4. When they made sure women knew a product was made just for them.

5. When they tried get past a bouncer with no I.D.

6. When they imagined a future with only women in charge.

7. When they desperately tried to pay for their purchases.

CBC / Via
CBC / Via

8. When they had to answer security questions.

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9. When they celebrated a coworker's birthday with some cake.

10. When they extolled the virtues of dry shampoo.

11. When they tried to hold a book club meeting.

12. When they knew exactly what employees are really doing on their work computers.

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13. When they took their games very seriously.

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14. And when they perfectly depicted the awkwardness of trying to get over-the-counter medication.