26 Painful Truths About Running During The Winter

    So I guess I'm just running in the dark from now on, huh?

    1. You can't quite believe how freaking cold it gets when you want to go running.

    2. And you'd rather spend your time like this instead:

    3. But you know that you just have to suck it up and go for a run outside anyway.

    4. Getting all your winter running gear together can take longer than the actual run itself.

    5. And once you have it all on, you're pretty sure you're wearing every piece of clothing you own.

    6. Sometimes you're unsure of whether you're going running or robbing a bank.

    7. And no matter how much you cover up, sometimes it's still not enough.

    8. No matter how you're dressed, the freezing cold air makes your lungs feel like they're on fire.

    9. And the first few steps outside make you reconsider your entire workout.

    10. Even though you usually warm up after a few minutes...

    11. ...If you've worn too many layers, you'll soon be sweating so much that you can't concentrate on anything else.

    12. Yet no matter how many layers you wear, somehow your extremities are always freezing.

    13. No winter gear is too crazy to search for on Pinterest.

    14. Whether you go running in the morning or after work, you know you'll be running in the dark.

    15. You need to stay hydrated, but winter has other ideas.

    16. If you have less-than-perfect vision, the weather can make your run even harder than it already is.

    17. Your favourite trails aren't maintained during the winter months.

    18. And even the sidewalks aren't always reliable.

    19. An inconsiderate driver can derail your entire workout.

    20. Or, even worse, an inconsiderate snowplow driver.

    21. Icy roads can make your run treacherous.

    22. Like, REALLY treacherous.

    23. And while it's a little bit easier to run on snow, there's nothing worse than wet feet.

    24. But you can't deny the sense of calm you feel when running in the cold.

    25. And nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment that washes over you after a good winter run.

    26. And for all your complaining, you know running outside in winter is a MILLION times better than setting foot on a treadmill.