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    8 Sofas From Article That'll Upgrade Your Space Without Hurting Your Wallet

    There's one for every budget.

    You might already know about Article, the online store that sells modern, elegant furniture for every budget.

    A living room tastefully decorated with furniture from Article

    An easy way to instantly upgrade your space is with a new sofa — and Article has dozens of beautiful, comfortable sofas that won't strain your wallet.

    A well decorated living room with a leather sofa from Article

    Here are just some of the excellent sofas you can get from Article that'll take your home from "college student" to "grownup chic":

    1. The Sven sofa, which combines velvet fabric, bolsters, and a tufted bench that'll add a touch of elegance to your space.

    2. The Volu sofa, which is lined with memory foam to give you the perfect combination of sink and support.

    The Volu sofa

    3. The Celsa sofa, which will provide a bit of retro style with its rounded corners and angled legs.

    4. The Emil sofa that looks effortlessly cool, and looks even better with any kind of accent pillow you can think of.

    5. The Cirrus sofa that'll make you feel like you're lounging in a luxurious parlour (silk robe not required).

    The velvet Cirrus sofa

    6. The Anton sofa that has a clean, minimalist design that'll fit right into any style of decor.

    The two-seat Anton sofa

    7. The Ceni sofa that not only looks great, but provides the cushion and support that allow for some really great couch naps.

    8. The Timber sofa that'll give your home a worldly touch — and the fabric will develop a cool vintage look and feel the longer you use it.

    The leather Timber sofa

    So if you're wanting to upgrade your home decor, why not head over to Article and check them out?